Personal Comments – Show Review – Part Three

We are at a definitive marker in The Community’s evolution. It seems to me inaccurate comments which damage the hard work and dedication of The Community should be addressed or knocked down. I overheard a statement on Sunday, and it was incorrect. So, I feel it is time we levelled an illusion. And I will take this opportunity to hammer nails in the coffin of inaccurate gossip.

I thought long and hard before writing and publishing this article. And readers can be sure every comment has been checked and double-checked. There is no suggestion of demeaning the 2014 event used as an example in this article. The intention is to put into perspective a comment made by someone who attended the old and ‘apparently’ unsurpassable show(s) by comparing it to The Community’s achievements of last weekend. The full context of the overheard conversation can be read further in this article.

In the comment the suggestion was:

“This (Lincolnshire July 2019) show’s good, but they’ll never return to the old days.”

What a load of tosh! Nonsense and rubbish. To make this statement ignores The Community’s endeavour. And the comment warrants a robust reply.

I voice another statement: “Anyone who sleight’s LizianEvents is, in reality, damaging The Community, not the organisation”. Readers are asked to consider the basis of The Well Being Shows. It is one of a ‘Community Based Organisation’ one of the foundational objectives is to connect Community to Visitors BETWEEN shows and events. Therefore, the organisation itself has no relevance to the identity of The Community. The longterm objective is to be known as ‘The Well Being Connection’ and the Inspirational Well Being Shows are one of the platforms of ‘The Well Being Connection’..

So, before I swing the 2014 show wrecking ball I’ll take a hammer and tap a few nails in the gossip coffin:

I’m offering those who whisper in the shadows a challenge. Email me with your complaints and provide empirical evidence of our vindictive and selfish attitude and I’ll publish them with a truthful reply here on LEN. For example: I have yet to receive ONE email questioning the fact we are Community-driven. And I keep hearing about sinister tittle-tattle whihc infers the ethos we project is a lie: I do not seem to have anyone who will talk to ME about the concerns. I’d ask you to consider that it is all fine and dandy listening to rubbish but are the stories accurate?

You can be confident our ethos is a reality:

If you disbelieve this: say it publicly and email me with the grievance. Incidentally: Liz and I use software which evidences email traffic. If we send a correspondence we know if it is open or not: We have unbroken timelines on our email archive, and all communication is registered. Oh! And by the way, we NEVER threaten anyone with a court action to recover debts, our opinion is a failure to pay a debt evidenced poor integrity. And we don’t wish to work with non-payers the debt is written off as a loss. Believe otherwise? Be my guest – publish any correspondence of malicious threat. Next time you listen to someone knocking LizianEvents ask them if they dare to talk to us about their issues! Give them my email – I will reply.

Understand we invest immense time and are 101% dedicated to the organisation. All profits are ploughed back into the future of the business. Therefore it is essential to protect the commitment and life hours dedicated to future success. And this sentiment covers the commitment an ddedication of The Community’s work and endeavour.

Here is the reality:

We love our work and gain immense pleasure for seeing the success of The Community. Yes, we have clear and defined guidelines. And there are no exceptions to these rules. If we have communication we’ll help, if we are ignored, we cannot.

I do not give a fig about what others do or how successful they are: My centre of attention, my point of focus is: The Community’s success. Anywho knock Liz or me, do so with the intent of damaging our reputation or damaging LizianEvents Ltd financial security. Either way: inaccurate gossip or supposition damage the Community-driven organisation we are building. And this negatively affects the hard work and significant investments made by The Community. What other reason could there be for slighting the Well Being Connection?

I await the emails

My reply to the statement which takes from those who invest time, life-hours, money in the success of The Well Being Shows. In other words: The Community: Is this:

First a reminder of the statement:

“The show’s good they’ll never return to the old days.”

→ There is a need to clarify the sources of evidence presented. I keep an immense archive of screen-shots, photographs, videos, audio recordings and media of anything which interests me, everything is kept for reference. For example, we have every show guide from all the shows we attended during fifteen years of exhibiting. And of course, there is a reference to every show recorded in my journals.

So let’s look at the so-called ‘good times’: which we’ll never be better:

I will use the example suggested on Sunday. And here is the conversation overheard between a Community Member and small letter visitor:

“The show’s good, but they’ll never return to the old days.
“They’ll never touch the Gorton Monastery show.”

It is incredible what one hears when walking the floor.

I search out the show program and refer to my journal. My friends, I present the evidence you can read the relevant scans. Here is the famous Gorton show which our Community will ‘never beat’. Let’s look at the exhibitor list:

Seventy-Two exhibitors:

 Last weekends Inspirational Well Being Show:

 Ninety-Six Community Members:

The variation of the offerings of the 2014 exhibitors compared to Lincoln bears no comparison. I am NOT demeaning the exhibitors. Today’s observation is: the depth and breadth of the Lincoln show surpass the old event from every angle.

For example:

At the 2014 event, there were 21 readers around a third of the show list. This number leaves fifty remaining.

By comparison: the Lincoln show enjoyed twelve spiritual counsellors and left eighty plus remaining Community Members a figure greater than the whole of the 2014 event list.


During the 2014 event, there were forty FREE talks and twenty-six paid talks (Priced between 8 and 45 pounds) One person presented eleven talks and workshops.

July 2019 Lincoln: Enjoyed sixty FREE talk room presentations and eighteen music, meditation, yoga and Tai Chi demonstrations in th estage areas. No Community Member presented more than two talks and always on separate days.

Now the question is footfall: We know 988 is the number for Lincoln and I know the approximate figure for 2014. You will have to accept my word the difference is not that great. Remember the layout at the 2014 show was very ‘tight’ indeed. From our position, at the 2014 show, the measurements taken was an isle width of one point five metres wide. Lincoln spacing was two-point eight minimum.

But let’s address the floor area of the 2014 Venue – The main floor area was 38X19 metres. This dimension is taken from the official website: The annexes used total out at a further 30X2.5 metres area.

The west hall of The Epic Centre is 38X18 metres about the same as the 2014 main area. The Epic Centre east hall is 44X18. I do not take into account the central room of 20X18 metres. So if one is looking at the number of people in the relative venues: You must consider the floor areas. With a similar footfall, a building half the size will seem to have a higher number of people in the hall. I could also write about the relative sizes of the Manchester talk rooms in relation to the Epic Centre facilities. There is no point: Lincoln’s six rooms have twice the capacity full stop.

I take nothing away from the 2014 events. However, to the visitor who commented that: “They will “Never come close to the old shows”. I’ll now reply: But before I do so, be clear, this statement demeans The Community’s incredible efforts and dedication to the success of The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. I’m not defending The Community – I am clarifying the position

Here is my reply:

“The Inspirational Well Being Show Community does not come close to the 2014 events you referred too. The Community’s Lincoln Well Being Show exceeded the old event in every way. The Community provided our Visitors with an amazing show. And they will continue to contribute to The Well Being Connection which is evolving into something extraordinary indeed. I have no difficulty in shouting out for The Community and their achievements. They should be acknowledged for amazing progress and their ability to see the potential in what is being created. To every one of you I write well done – Magic is Happening because of your endeavours”.

See You Soon

☞Next Show Newstead Abbey☜

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