In this article you will find information about the Community Members attending this New Well Being Show. Newstead is just perfect for a small an intimate event which replaces the much loved and amazing Nottingham Trowell.

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Sense the Senses – Organic and ethically sources incense, oils, candles, room fragrance
The home and one’s environment is enhanced by beautiful aromas. Never underestimate the potential of the ability for the sense of smell to affect the ability to find real peace and calm. There are many sources of information which propose different fragrances in each room can produce incredible changes in attitude and focus. Sense the Sense have a vast range of products combined with extensive knowledge. Enhance your world with beautiful fragrance.

Soul Sisters
Sharon and Amanda travel to The Far East to select the stock you’ll see on their Stall. Not only will you find a vast selection of unusual gifts: You will discover their prices are fair. It is a reflection on Sharon’s and Amanda’s business ethics. We are finding more people are beginning to follow their business practice. One of running an ethical business where the stock is sourced directly and sold at a fair price. Incidentally, during an interview with Amanda last year, she tells me that it is essential for her to pay a reasonable price to her suppliers. This fairness means she pays the cost relevant to selling price, which is often more than the price asked by the supplier! Now that is fair trade.

Spiritual Creations – Spiritually Inspired Artwork, prints and cards
Mark Duffin, Artist & Illustrator, Spiritual Creations. – Artworks featured here are created by Mark is hand finishing these with gold or silver leaf & crystals, which adds a new dimension to these works with each print having a uniquely beautiful finish, therefore no two pieces are the same.

Tamra and Paul have worked together for over five years. Both are fully qualified professional masseurs and Reiki Masters. They are also qualified in other holistic healing practices, ear candling being one of their other qualifications. Many Visitors enjoy a session with both Tam and Paul during a show! I’m not surprised they have so many regular and faithful clients. Visitors will find them friendly and welcoming, and they will advise you on the most suitable therapy for your aches and pains.

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  1. Soothing all your senses, relaxing your tensed muscles: a few more ‘must try’ stands on 31 Aug-1st Sept.!

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