This article is a short and concise message, and the intention is to be as clear and precise as possible: The Subject is The Newstead Abbey Well Being Show. I feel this show will take over and exceed the legacy of the much loved Trowell Well Being Show. We must accept Newstead will exceed the pleasure Trowell bought to all its loyal Visitors.

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We should carefully review the potential if we succeed in getting this event on song. All Visitors who come to Newstead will attend the much larger Nottingham Well Being Show at The Jubilee Conference Centre. The Nottingham Show has new dynamics and will encourage a broader spectrum of Visitors. I’m not revealing the way Nottingham will be presented, but you can be sure it will be a superb Visitor experience.

Read the following paragraphs with care:

In all the years of exhibiting my feeling is Newstead’s uniqueness is unsurpassed. Nothing comes close to the possibilities Newstead has as an intimate show. This Well Being Show will become an essential event in our calendar.

The show should be seen as intimate. It should be considered as a specialist event: Visitors are encouraged to attend the show as an all-day experience: arrive early and leave at the end of the day. They can meet the Community, enjoy therapies, healing, counselling, retail, and enjoy a rock-solid talk schedule. The house is open for tours, and after experiencing this real bonus, the grounds are available for mediation. And then Visitors can return to enjoy the many options presented by The Community.

Ian and I are confident attending Community Members are about to set the foundations for a magical show. We know The Community can give their Visitors (both returning and new) a day or weekend to remember. Visitors memories of this show are bound to have a long term and beneficial effect on all events in The Well Being Show Calendar year.

We have two weeks to go before the show opens its doors. You are assured every day up to the show will be centred on making it work. We will provide YOU with every opportunity to share the benefits of this Inspirational Well Being Show to everyone on your social media streams. Those of you who copy and paste the articles to your family, friends and clients will inevitably help the show thrive. We need to push, push, push the horizons of awareness.

No one can ignore the potential of The Community-driven Well Being Shows. Visitors love what is being produced. The feedback Community members are receiving is fantastic. More people are beginning to see the power of the connections being made: And many see the advantage of being a part of a successful series of shows.

A Reminder of Foundational Ideas:

A community working together for mutual success
No fear of material gain
By working together and sharing information of the shows will result in attendance growth
The continuous growth of/and extensive range of Attending Community Members skills
Daily newsletters and Visitor/Community interaction
Gaining a reputation for Visitor care and priority

A reminder of The Newstead Abbey Well Being Show Attractions:

A sound range of Community: Retail: Therapy: Spiritual Counsellors: Information stands
Rock-solid talk schedule
Unique venue
Newstead House tours
Beautiful grounds for enjoying breaks
First Class catering facilities

If the desire is to enjoy YOUR Well Being Shows whether Visitor or Community Member and the hope is for the shows to thrive and become THE Well Being experience, all is needed is to extend the awareness to new Visitors. As the shows thrive, we will reinvest into the future of the Well Being Shows, and this means the events become more exciting and eventful.

The interest in the shows grows weekly. My feeling is we have established an identity recognised as The Well Being Shows. It will not be long before The Community accept they are the reason for the growth. I feel Visitors are also beginning to realise we listen to their needs and requirements, and therefore, they are also part of the growth and future of the show.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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