Tomorrow the door of the Newstead Well Being Show is open. We can do no more to promote the show. What have we done to promote the show?

The statistics are:

Jon and Liz flyer days – sixteen
Flyers distributed – 20,000
Posters distributed 40
Videos – five (over 200 views)
Interviews four
Facebook Group Posts seventy+ these have reached over 30000
LEN Posts fourteen cornerstone articles read to a readership of 8000 per month.

We have a reasonable idea of the natural, forced and organic reach of our social media platforms and for Newstead, the numbers are in-line with previous shows. I have no intention of releasing our Google Analytics figure: although they are gaining ground and Liz and I are happy with our internet reach and activity. If you Google search LizianEvents and then open the ‘images’ link you’ll have a good idea of our growing internet influence.

I’m asked if the weather will affect the Visitor numbers: the answer is ‘I do not know’.This is a new show at this historic venue all is in the lap of the Gods. The potential is as far as the imagination can take the Community. I spoke to Eric (Mansfield MBS Organiser) on Wednesday, and he believes we will have an excellent first show. Community and Visitors will know I never offer an opinion or speculate about footfall or Visitor numbers.

Remember: I will always provide accurate footfall numbers one the Tuesday following a Well Being Show. As the show area is about the same as Nottingham Trowell, the Visitor numbers of last show at that venue will be used as the gauge of success.

There is no more to say or write about the Newstead Well Being Show. You have the promotional statistics, and all we can do is await the outcome. One certainty is this:

The Community will excel. They are fully aware of the limitations imposed by the venue. Liz and I commend them for running with this first Well Being Show at Newstead Abbey. So share the event page, and we will see you on Saturday 31 August and 1 September at Newstead Abbey.

See You There – Share – Share – Share


  1. Although I am working and Jane is abroad for this one, please accept our very best wishes for what I am sure will be a fabulous occasion.

    The weather, unless there is torrential rain or heavy snow (unlikely !), will not be a factor. Indeed the fact that it is the last weekend of the summer holidays may entice additional people to try a new show, and see a new country house. Curiosity value alone should ensure its success.

    Just as there will always be room for a good new hairdresser or restaurant in town, so there will always be room for innovative, new events. Quite clearly this is not just another show at another venue.

    Good luck.

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