It started for us at 05:00 so the post is short. Although there will be a concise review on Monday. Here is my opinion of how the day progressed.

The morning set up was busy and not without issues. All Community Members knew the constraints of the venue and worked with enthusiasm to be ready on time. The first hour was slow. However, as the day progressed, we enjoyed good footfall at Newstead.

Visitor feedback for the Community has been good: However, we received the greatest number of gripes at any of our events. In truth, the same comment must be made regarding concerns from Community Members. I write about this in Monday’s review.

How do Liz and I feel about the day? Both of us hoped the show would gain the same following as Visitors had for Nottingham-Trowell. The attendance figure for today was 346 orange wristbands and 19 green bands 365 people came through the door today. Which exceeds any Trowell weekend.

We can offer this by way of comparison: Nottingham-Trowell averaged 32 stands and the January 2018 show enjoyed 289 (mental reference + or – 10 Vistors). Today we had 30 Community Members and exceed the footfall for the whole of the best weekend at Nottingham-Trowell. This has to be a great achievement. And we have tomorrow to run: Liz and I have no problem with saying the show is successful from this point of view.

I will write an in-depth review tomorrow evening as there is a need to examine the show and reply to the numerous comments made by Community Members today. Remember: the Well Being Shows are Community driven and we will act upon the consensus of the Community. I will make this comment: No one who attended this show could possibly say they were not fully informed about the limitations of working in this building. Specifically: the car parking situation, unloading cars, and no food or drink in the exhibition area or smoking on site. It is unfortunate that many Community Members have found these limitations too restrictive…

Talk testimonials are nothing short of spectacular. And the core feedback from Vistors was truly excellent. Thank You Community for your superb efforts today, you have left Visitors with beautiful memories of a day well enjoyed. 

Well Done Attending Community

See You Tomorrow

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