Rick Paul makes regular contributions to LEN. He writes about change, evolution and life purpose. I enjoy reading the ways he sees spiritual work and its environment. When I received this article, there was no doubting he is beginning to mould a definitive identity. I feel this is a testament to a man who is without ego. He reveals in this article wisdom of the highest order: It is an excellent piece, Rick, many thanks.

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Rick Paul – “Peace of the Spirit”

When we write about our inner feelings, we place the neck on the block. You become open to critic and well-meaning comments. But the point is this: to reveal one’s thoughts is a way of confirming the truth of one’s real being. Once a statement is made verbally it can and often is distorted: once written, it becomes an unforgettable reference point, which cannot be erased.

I have enjoyed each moment of my spiritual journey. There have been difficulties and, in truth, emotionally painful moments. Advice has been offered, some taken, some not, that is the way of personal progress. I had not discovered a clear perspective of where I should be: finding the ‘identity’ was difficult because some saw the ‘searching’ as a lack of confidence. However, my work is about healing and working to help people find peace and happiness. Therefore it seems to be essential for clients to know I am an ordinary man who wishes to work in an extraordinary world.

I must confess when Ian Timothy used the two words “Spiritual Counsellor” rather than psychic or medium, I wondered if he was making the right decision. It soon became apparent that this identity was modern and progressive. And now, I see, others are taking on this contemporary identity. Why did I question Ian’s astute change of reference? Because my work must also be firmly fixed in traditional values. However, as Ian has consistently demonstrated: one has to be brave to change, and if the change is effective, people follow.

The word spiritual implies a life long search. There are no fixed answers; only time tested methods, mediation, and certain traditions. Many counsellors begin their journey with Tarot cards. These days courses are the traditional way of learning how to use the tools of the trade. And of course, there are many excellent and well established spiritual awareness courses available to those who seek mediumistic wisdom. As you will know, I followed this path in my early days, and I am pleased to have done so. But whatever course one attends, you’ll have to use the methods with clients. All who choose this path know it is difficult to become established. Thinking you know how – Is very different to knowing how.

Some time ago, I chose to ask people about their thoughts on my progress: a dangerous idea! I anticipated there would be tens of different opinions. I now realise my inner-self was helping me discover more about my life progress. Asking for advice is an amazing and beneficial exercise. I’d recommend to anyone: Ask friends and clients:” What do you think of my progress?”

Now, you should comment: “Hey You! You’re a medium, you should know the answer”, and I will reply “Yes! And that is why I asked. Because my spirit is guiding me to be a listener. And my spirit is guiding me to accept difficult replies: most important of all my spirit is guiding me to learn the power of ‘acceptance’. And sure enough, my spirit (the core of one’s being) has guided me to find a profound understanding of my journey. Sometime later there was a well defined moment when the guidance of the spirit was confirmed”. I will write of this towards the end of the essay.

The highest achievement of a spiritual being is to help others in times of need. This “highest achievement” has a description: it is “the ability to focus deep into one’s spirit and soul and ask for ways to help a fellow being in distress.” I know: and yes: the word is know: I know, we are spiritual beings cloaked in a physical body. The spiritual being is involved in a quest to find universal peace and happiness. There is no right or wrong way; there should only be an awareness of a search for universal peace. Unfortunately, the thinking body of humankind shrouds the spirit in darkness. In the shadows, the spirit flickers like a flame of a nearly finished candle.

Those who are in difficulty often seek spiritual help or healing. My suggestion is their spirit’s unhappiness influences them. And the depression flows through their physical body. This unhappiness is sometimes indicated when I am asked:” What is my purpose?” I feel the question should be: “Have I extinguishing the flame of my spirit?” My feeling is being a ‘spiritual healer’ is being someone who helps to heal the spirit. When the spirit is distressed, the body is in diss ease. Spiritual healing relights the fire of the spirit, and this warms the soul of experience. The spirit glows, the mind is within the calm, the body relaxes and becomes well.

Many would question my thoughts:

And this is fine because my spirit’s lesson is that real freedom is gained when we accept the ideas of others without resistance. Being within this freedom is an indication of a connection to one’s spirit and the soul’s experience. These ideas have been with me for many months. Indeed, while working with clients on one level, my spirit has guided me to a deeper level of insight into the person sitting with me. And many times there has been a need to help them heal and find peace. And Because of this, I ask for my spirit to show me the way ahead.

What is my explanation of the spirit? At the core of the being is the spirit which is pure energy, love and kindness. The spirit is within the soul and the soul connects the mind to the spirit. When we listen to ‘soulful music’ or say ‘that person has a soul’ we are connected to the spirit. The mind connects to the body and the body to the outside world. When we meditate or work from the highest purpose: which is to help and heal those in distress. Our spirits become connected.

Some time ago I realised my work must continue to blend the traditional with the modern. Not only this, it seemed essential to simplify in the eyes of my clients and who I am and what I do. One certainty is ‘spiritual healing’ must become part of the future. And my thoughts were guided to “Peace of the Spirit”.

The Defining Moment:

During a conversation, a friend suggested I become a Reiki Master. I’d already attended a Reiki class which was enjoyed. My friend said “Look for a Traditional Reiki Master. One who follows the method of Usui Sensei (some readers will know the implication of why this name is used). Not the Takata Sensei methodology. Takata Sensei began initiating Reiki Masters in 1970. And you must know about the difference.” I could not make head or tail of the comment so I wrote the names in my diary…

And sure enough, I found a Reiki master who was traditionally taught. He became a mentor and teacher. As a Reiki Master, I become a conduit of Universal Healing Energy; and this gift will be used in combination with my other gifts when working with my clients. Soon you will see my banner change and a certificate will be on my table. The banner will inform “Rick Paul – Spiritual Counsellor and Reiki Master” The document will, of course, be my Reiki Master Certificate.

My readings will still be focussed on spiritual connection, although there will be an added aspect to my work. Another focus will be centred on helping my clients find “Peace of the Spirit”. There are a few more small adjustments to be made. However, my spirit guides me to make this announcement at this time. I thank all who have contributed to this evolution, some making constructive suggestions, others not: but my spirit has shown the power of acceptance and after all, we live in a world of many ideas and beliefs.

“Live in Kindness and Happiness will Follow”

Rick Paul

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  1. Such a good essay Rick. You seem to have captured the essense of your work. You must be commended for your candid words. I think your explanaion of the spirit carries exceptional insight. As a Reiki Master myself (working with Reiki for over fifteen years) It is clear you have chosen the traditional and pre-levels path. Many do not accept that the original attunemnts were nothing like the ones Takata Sensei created in the USA. I know you will thrive following this path. Janine

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