Gratitude and Thanks:

It has been a week since the Newstead Well Being Show. I take this opportunity to thank all attending Community Members for their contribution and support in making this show an exceptional success. No one can say 700 people coming through the door is a failure. There is no doubt in my mind all Visitors enjoy the show. The feedback on the door was brilliant.

Over this week, I have received over twenty emails from Community and Visitors applauding the event. The question is, will there be another Well Being Show at Newstead? The answer is not in January, all of us agreed the cloisters would probably be too cold to enjoy. I will announce the future of the show later in the month.

I’m looking forward to The Newark Well Being Show. We have an extensive Community list and expanded talks schedule. There is also a new layout for the Cedric Ford Pavilion with the foyer utilised as an open plan talk area. The principle reason being many Visitors would love to listen to the talks and cannot negotiate the stairs up to the talk room. There will be sadness for Ian and me when the show closed on Sunday as it is the last time a Well Being Show will be held in The Cedric Ford Pavilion. Next year we move over to The Lady Eastwood Centre, the Newark Well Being Show is growing, and we need more area to advance our plans for this Well Being Show. And the Lady Eastwood Centre will be the focal point for 2021’s Festival of Well Being three-day event.

The New Show:

“Creativity Connected Show”

We will be running a new event from 2020 and onwards: It will be known as “Creativity Connected Show”. This show’s format will be to connect creative people from all areas of the artistic world. For examples Photographers, Videographers, Traditional Artists, Writers, Ceramic Art etc can connect to retailers, course providers, art teachers, schools and universities and all individuals working in the creative arts. Ian and I have a superb format planned for the first show. We have laid the foundations for the “Creativity Connected Show”, and everyone approached has reacted to the news with phenomenal enthusiasm. You will see a new addition to LEN’s front page today, and we invite new Community Members to contribute to the artistic articles.

I think this is enough news for one day. Let’s look forward to next weekends Newark Well Being Show. New Community Members and stands and an extended talk schedule will be seen as a signpost to the future of The Community Driven Shows.

See You Soon
Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Lts

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