Monday Review – Newark Well Being Show 14 + 15 September 2019 – The show must be remembered as a success. Again the Community excelled, and Visitors responded well to blend of services, information, therapists, retailers and spiritual counsellors. Everyone interviewed offered positive feedback and made useful suggestions. There were no complaints made over the weekend.

Questions asked by Community and Visitors:

  1. Music issues

Anyone who visited could feel the superb atmosphere generated in the Cedric Ford Pavilion. We changed the background music to a classical mix on Saturday and then Iza Claud and new age mix on Sunday: this gained support from numerous people. I confess to taking a chance on this change, but you know we love changes and take risks. Because of volume issues, we changed back to classical music by noon: For those who noticed the issues, you can be assured they’ll be rectified at all future shows.

2. Open-plan talk area:

We took a risk with the open-plan talk area: not that there is anything unusual or unique in open-plan talk areas. Darren and I attended a show at Canary Wharf which had over thirty open talk areas. But to make the concept work well, there is a need to amplify the presenter’s voice lightly. We set up the PA, and it worked a treat. The are was the foyer of the Pavilion, and this means the presenters had to be of the highest order. The idea was a hit, and presenters enjoyed good attendance to their presentations. Many talks were recorded, and these will soon be on the Community’s iTunes platform. This addition to our promotional arsenal is enjoying World-wide success, so there will be no let-up on this one.

Incidentally: For some reason, I have never had so many people ASK for their talks to be recorded! I’m sure many have read the article in support of recording presentations. However, to have Community Members who previously resisted, now especially asking for the service is very gratifying.

As already mentioned: talk presentation was superb and while on the subject of performance: The Community are turning up the volume on the quality of stands. Some years ago only a few stood out as ‘eye-catching’ today: you struggle to find a stand which is not pleasing the eye. Incidentally, I see most retailers are now displaying their prices, and many are now providing written descriptions of the goods on sale. I’m sure they reap the rewards of the efforts. In the same vein, it is heartening to see so many Community Members now displaying information relevant to contact details and out of show retail opportunities. It pays to advertise, give out flyers and cards: A Community Member enjoyed a 350-pound sale after the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The transaction was a product on display at the Epic Centre, and the purchaser contacted the Community Member using a flyer taken from the table.

More people realise the between shows connectivity of LizianEvents News, and the LizianEvents Facebook Group is bringing clients to them at the shows. One Community Member is convinced most of her clients come from our social media presence. We know the success of the show from the Visitor viewpoint is due to the quality of Community Members. However: Visitor awareness is growing because of the media platforms. Many of you will have seen the real push to produce social media-friendly ‘media’ during this Well Being Show. And the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter feeds were working well over the weekend. This experiment will be used to a greater extent in future shows.

So, the atmosphere was excellent, many Community Members thrived: and sadly many did not: We will do everything to rectify this situation. And will not give up on the progress of the shows. Was there a downside? The answer is nothing worth writing about today. We intend to announce a solution to one consistent issue in the new year. Nothing of great consequence, but it must be adressed. Can you guess the concern? Hit the comments box if you think you know.

The question everyone wishes to know is: “What are the attendance numbers?” And for the first time, the comment is there was a fall in Visitor numbers – (the final figures were ammended 07:00 -16:09:19 after a recount!).

February 2018 – 490
February 2019 – 637

251 Visitors on Saturday
267 Visitors on Sunday
September 2019 – 518

We do not count second day Visitors: A Visitor is A Visitor! We are disappointed with the footfall: I make no further comment about the show: And cannot speculate on the reason for the fall in numbers.

The Community were fantastic: The talks were sparkling: The Visitors loved the Well Being Show. Thank You: Everyone should be proud of your achievements and progress.

Here is the role of honour:

A Jewel Shining Through – Crystals and Affirmation cards for mental wellbeing
Alison Dean – Psychic Medium, Tarot & Rune Specialist
The Aloe Vera Store – Forever Living Products
Angela Barker Tarot – Tarot Reading
Aura Fusion – Aura photography and reports
Alchemy Products – Natural health products
The Anahata Centre, Lincoln – Therapy Training Courses
Barrie John Medium – Psychic & Mediumship
Campbell Wallace – Author of the inspiring book ‘Second Chance’
Craig Collinson – Author and Inspirational Speaker
Crystal Carols – Crystals, Jewellery and crystal carvings
Dance of Life (Zhong Ding) – Tai Ji and Qi Gong demonstrations and workshops
Darren Stanton – TV Psychologist
doTERRA Essential Oils – Certified Pure Grade oils for your family and home
Earth Magic Retail – Crystals, Silver Jewellery, Shamanic items & hand-painted drums
Earth Magic – Rose’s readings offer insight and spiritual guidance
Elemental Balance – Bio-resonance and vibrational healing
Earth Tree Healing – Spiritual music composed and performed by Claudine West
Elizabeth Stead Ltd – Handcrafted jewellery using gemstones set in silver
Emma Gowshall – Energy Healing, Spiritual Guidance, Animal Communication workshops
Ethically Gifted – Fairly traded, ethically sourced and eco-friendly gifts & accessories
Feel Better Fast – Past and Present Life Readings, Past Life Regression
Gill Moore Spiritual Healer – Spiritual Healing and handcrafted ‘soothers’ for children
Heather Wood Spiritual Medium – readings using tarot, ribbons and oracle
Henry’s Health Hub – Qenda Ultimate Fibre for gut health
Infinity Nutrition – nutrition products and healthy teas
Isagenix – nutrition supplement for wellness and weight loss
Iza Moon Luminary Guide, Songstress & Medicine Woman – CDs, Medicine Crafts and Jewellery
Jill Fraser Ear Candles – Ear Candling
Joylina – Living with Soul, one to one Spiritual Guidance
JS Natural Therapies – The Balance Procedure consultations and related products
L & P Fragrances Lincoln – Quality Perfume and Cologne for ladies and gents
Lynzi – Tarot and Psychometry
Magnetix Wellness – Magnetic Jewellery and products for Wellness
Mel-Jay – Silver and Gold Crystal jewellery including bespoke items & Crystal Carvings
Melanie Wellard – Crystal Light Therapy
Mystical Messengers Geraldine & Brian – orgone pyramids, dragons and creations
Native American Traditions – talks about Native American tribes and smudging ceremonies
New Horizon Life – Offering solutions for Geopathic Stress & Sick Building Syndrome
NHS Blood and Transplant – Raising Awareness of the importance of blood donation
Nottingham Reiki – Reiki treatments, Crystal Healing and Ear Candling
OiLFACTION – Essential Oils, car and room diffusers
OldPain2Go – Reduction and Removal of Old Pain
Pam Shield – Tarot and Spiritual Counsellor
Pure Holistics – Massage and reflexology therapies
Rick Paul – Spiritual Counsellor
Sanctuary Reflexology – Reflexology Treatments and Indian Head Massage
Sense the Senses – Organic and ethically sources incense, oils, candles, room fragrance
Shine with Ali Clothing – Ladies Clothing Range and Accessories
Shirley Ann – Psychic, Mediumship and card reader
Simon Goodfellow – Spiritual Medium – One to one consultations and workshop information
Soul Sisters – Ethically sourced Indian textiles, wooden boxes, salt lamps, journals and trinkets
Summer Rose Tarot – Clairvoyant, Tarot and Ribbon readings
Susan Jones Therapies – Colour Mirror System
Symply Boudoir – Promoting Positive Body Image with Boudoir Photography
Tampara – Seated Therapies, Indian Head Massage and Acupressure Back Massage
The Body and Mind Place – Yoga School with Philip Burgess
The Therapy Training Academy – Marie Curie Visitors Scheme; Reiki, EFT and Therapy courses
Velotrade – CBD oil, products and tea
The Witch’s Heart – candles, incense, and rituals
Woodland Trust – Protecting our Ancient Forests and Creating New Woodlands

See You Soon

Any Questions? Use the contact form:


  1. Sharon Mallinson – As a newbie -the positives: fabulous community spirit. Lovely caring people. Nice to see visitors not being ambushed or being sold to. Excellent venue and good to see people staying for most of the day.

    The negatives (sorry) – the classical background was lovely. There was a pint though where the music changed to something very invasive and made it difficult to talk over.

    Food – a well being event should have a good choice of well-being food. I know it’s beyond the criteria and you have to go with what the venue does but personally, I thought this would have been an excellent opportunity to promote healthy choices. As a vegetarian and trying to eat healthily it was very limiting. Not lizian events issue I realise but come on – there must be healthy eating franchises that could get involved? I have probably overstepped my mark – I apologise if I have. I look forward to seeing the different aspects of another venue in November

    Ps I think I’ve made some forever friends though – thank you so much x

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