Allow me to re-introduce myself…
My name is Nina and I am a Dental Therapist.
I started to work in the Dental industry just under 20 years ago and for me it gets more and more exciting with each year that passes…I just love it.
My role includes :
🦷 Stain Removal using Airflow
🦷Hygiene appointments
🦷Restorations for cosmetic reasons or to treat disease
🦷Composite bonding
🦷Tooth whitening
🦷ICON for the treatment of white spots (DM me for more info!)
🦷Sports guards
🦷Dental Acupuncture
🦷 FACIAL AESTHETICS and skin care now too!
BUT most importantly PREVENTION and EDUCATION to EMPOWER my patients.
This is why I took it upon myself to study nutrition a few years ago and I am so excited to say I will be qualifying this summer 2019 – in fact I only have 2 weekends left!! Eeek!
The mouth and body are CONNECTED and I want to work HOLISTICALLY with my patients helping them to reach optimal health – SAFELY by being qualified to do so and by using EVIDENCE based advice.
I work direct access so you don’t need to see the dentist before seeing me and I offer free consultations if you have a cosmetic query you would like to discuss – just send me a message I would LOVE to hear from you!
Have a great weekend ! 🎉

→Nina’s Facebook Page

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