Natures Workshop – Sharon Dewick is attending the Nottingham Well Being Show: We have known her for over fifteen years. And there can one no doubting Sharon’s genuine and kind nature. Her love or people and determination to help them find their spiritual being has never changed. Sharon can genuinely enjoy the title ‘Inspirational’. Every Visitor who has a love of Angel’s and Spiritual ideas will enjoy the workshops presented by Sharon during the Well Being Shows.

The Free Work Shop Information:

‘During this mini-workshop we will be creating Angel Feather cards, using a little visualisation, colour, words and of course some Angels!’

Sharon Dewick

About Sharon:
We cannot get better Sharon’s introduction from her website:

I started the Natures Workshop 25 years ago as a florist. Through this business, I gained my passion for colour, creativity and nature, and the Angels are lovingly produced using the techniques and styles that I developed during this time. The Angels grew with the help of friends, and divine inspiration and I hope that they will heal, console and guide.

The name Natures Workshop was my Mother’s idea, and this encapsulated the natural flowers and products that I wanted to sell. My Mother encouraged and helped me with her patience, love and inspiration, during the 21 years of trading, as well as in life, and it is to her memory that I dedicate this site.

I would also like to thank my Father, for encouraging me during all of my projects throughout my life and along with his creativity, giving me a great love of nature, poetry and magical beings, all of which have helped me to create this site. For your continued support, Dad – thank you.

Angel Wings, started as an idea that grew from the enthusiasm and creativity of two fellow Aquarians; myself and Angela Green. I sold my business in 2003, and although I had lots of projects on the go, I felt a huge gap in my life and a need to be genuinely creative again. We both had a huge interest in Angels, and after many synchronistic events, we decided to create a range, producing a variety of different Angels for comfort and love. We produced our first range in record time and were both filled with amazing ideas and wonderful creativity.

The next step was to find somewhere to sell them and again I was led to just the right person. At the first Mind Body Spirit show, we met other likeminded people, who were also first-timers and are still friends today. I think we all realised that our ranges needed to be developed so that the products could reach out to people and help in particular areas, and that is when we started working with the Archangels and at first we focused on just four, along with Mary, Queen of the Angels, who had totally inspired me during a trip to Barcelona when I saw her statue in the cathedral.

A trip to Findhorn gave me a deep understanding of Elementals, Devas and Nature Spirits and I produced a range of Nature Angels, which I have now recreated. Angela and I co-ordinated the range, and she made all sort of Angels, from tiny boxed pocket Angels to hanging Angels, comfort Angels, and wonderful blessings and I made the larger Angels that are on the site today, along with mood boards etc. It was around this time, that Angela started writing Angel Poems, and she often had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to put pen to paper. In the morning she would ring me to read the poems, and she still does from time to time which gives me immense pleasure. You will find a selection of Angela’s poems on the Angel Poem pages and I am sure they will bring you much pleasure too. Angela is working on other projects at the present time but still continues to make things for the shows, write poems and be a wonderful friend. 

I wanted to develop a range of cards to compliment the Angels and attempted to produce a range. Another extremely creative friend Katharine looked at these cards in horror and promptly took over their production. We have now developed a wonderful selection of cards and bookmarks, which we hope you will like and will enjoy sending to friends and loved ones. Katharine helps out at many of the shows and is an inspiration to lots of the customers, as she recalls her personal Angel stories and how they have helped with her own healing since she was introduced to ‘the Boys’ as she calls them.

As for me, well the range has gone from strength to strength and again, through a series of developments, I have had the opportunity to build the web site. I have always loved researching and developing ideas and now I have had the chance to use all of this work, which I must confess that at the time, I didn’t always know why I was doing it. I have been so lucky with both my designer and the software developer, who listened, translated and have, I think, developed a beautiful site, so a BIG thank you to Jo and Stephen.

So as you can see from all this, the business is organic and has grown in its own way, pushing me in the direction that it wanted me to go. I hope that it will continue to grow and I will continue to learn and this is my wish for you. Please enjoy this site and once you have invited the Angels into your life, things will never be quite the same again!


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