Janine submitted this article in August: I felt it would be a perfect thought for all who will be part of the last show of the year:

The Power of Connection

See the light switch or socket: plug in the appliance and turn on: the hoover is powered, a room illuminated. Along the wires, electricity awaits to be harnessed into action. Electricity is generated and flows through or to the cables. It does not flow until it is needed to energise a motor, light or produce heat.

Bright and Light: LizianEvents

Energy has many guises. In all forms, it is latent: Fuel oil is potential energy, it needs a spark or compression to release its energy. Hundreds of ideas and subjects lay dormant in memory. An association can bring an old idea to light. The thought activates the Force, and there is a reaction. Good thoughts activate positive actions: Poor thoughts become negative associations. The Sun is the light which enables life to grow…

Although many of us have ideas, few can see how the concept can become active and useful. How many times have we seen someone succeed in the same venture in which tens have failed? I offer the suggestion: the idea must be connected to a power source before the concept becomes active.

What is THE Power? It is people and their thoughts which agree with the innovation. And I would guide one to think: that if an idea is liked it will be talked about: there will be many who agree. Conversations about the positive thoughts power the message, and the words activate the idea. When an idea has little interest or is negative it will cast shadows of doubt: where there is doubt there is resistance.

Have not one thought for those who cannot see a viewpoint. It is the ones who are aligned with the idea which make it work. We know some will agree with a plan, and the design is now ‘enlightening’ and visible. Those in agreement are the Force. Remember, though, only positive thought, ideas, concepts are beneficial. No power is consumed by a blown light bulb or heater with a broken element or fuse.

A torchlight on a clifftop can easily be seen by a sailor miles out to sea. The sailor sees the light and wonders ‘Who is holding the guiding light?’ The signaller flashes the light the sailor understands the message. Later he visits the land and meets with the messenger. The light activated his thought, and he desired to meet with the messenger. The sailor cannot see the message from a messenger without a pure guiding light. The power of connection is the flashing light. The idea contained in the message is like the power of electricity: it is latent and becomes active when switched on.

Whatever the speciality: City Broker to Reiki Master, someone has to know of the speciality. And then someone has to have an interest in what is offered. It should be no surprise that those who become successful are more visible. Their torch shines brighter, and the message is more transparent.

Very successful people also talk about other peoples messages. And they will share their positive thoughts with friends and colleagues. And because the message is positive, it will be active and beneficial. Those who signal negative messages are often failures, and there is no success to be found in anger, critic, selfishness or hidden jealousy. People see the truth or more accurately ‘feel’ the fact. They will not disagree or make a comment, the appliance is removed from the plug; there is no bulb in the socket; the negative message is unwanted and self-destructive. If there is a continual failure in life: attempt to listen to the messages being sent out. Nothing can work if the current does not flow. Watch the people who are within your sphere: are the numbers growing: are they listening to your messages?

There is no desire for all daily readers to understand this essay! A few will realise the implication of the words. Think about the messages you send: Are they light and bright and illuminating? Or are they heavy and dark and place people within shadows of doubt?

Janine Love

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