Walk the Labyrinth – with Sarah Line – meditation, healing and inner guidance: Read about this amazing addition to The Well Being Show. Sarah Line is a wonderful lady who enfolds the highest of spiritual values around her work and endeavours.

Sarah is bringing a unique and brilliant addition to many of our Well Being Shows A labyrinth! for you to walk and meditate on the pathways. The Field of Healing Labyrinth offers a sacred space for Reflection, Reconnection, Healing, Meditation & Prayer. Here is Sarah’s brief explanation:

“Our aim is to provide the space, environment and tools to allow you to tap into your own innate wisdom, to live fully in your own truth so that you, in turn, will be of support to those around you and to our planet. The intention is for every visitor to Field of Healing Labyrinth: To leave us with an open heart; inspired, healed and refreshed, having reconnected to yourself, to nature and our planet.

Our work encourages a deep connection to the self; to empower, to inspire and to heal and we offer many different ways to help you experience this. You could walk our labyrinth, or wear and work with a piece of jewellery from our sister brand Intent; receive healing or attend one of our events or workshops”.

Visitors to The Nottingham Well Bing Show can enjoy an amazing experience walking Sarah’s Labyrinth. You’ll be able to follow the Labyrinth and then sit and contemplate your experience. We are sure many Visitors will wish to take the labyrinth walk further by working with Sarah either at the show or visiting her at a later date. This is a unique and fantastic addition to The Well Being Shows and everyone is certain The Labyrinth will become a star attraction with our Visitors.

Image from Field of Healing Website

Feild of Healing: LizianEvents

For more information go to www.fieldofhealing.co.uk

My work is all about the intention and working with sacred symbols, elemental energies and numerology. Please check out the web site www.intent.co.uk and social media Instagram and Facebook is @intentjewellery

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