Healing and How You Can Help The World From Your Front Room – The simple, quick way (less than a minute) to get involved in the global peace meditation whether you have ever meditated before or not, whether you believe in any deity or not. This is connecting to healing energy at its simplest.

Relax – Close your eyes, take 3 deep breathes, focussing on your breathing then:
Remember a time when you felt loving, what was happening in your life when you felt loving. Go back to that time and feel that energy again.
Imagine yourself breathing that loving energy into your heart and it magnifying and breathing it out through your heart. As you breathe out imagine that energy being magnified and see, sense and feel this energy expanding like a pink cloud and enveloping everything it touches as it joins with everyone else’s’ pink clouds of loving energy and imagine it expanding until it spreads right around the world bringing peace and love everywhere it goes.
Keep focussing on your breathing and imagining this for as long as you wish. Even 1 minute will make a difference.
If you would like to learn more about healing energy and how to use it to help the world, yourself and your loved ones then during this time of global troubles I have made my Introduction to Healing course FREE for the time being. Download it from my website now. https://joylina.com/store/training-courses/development-courses/introduction-to-healing
Science has been taking an interest in the power of group meditation and has been proving that when large numbers of people join together in meditation and prayer it has a beneficial and healing effect on the surrounding areas. Not only do the individuals have a deeply relaxing experience which benefits their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual selves it also affects those not taking part. In experiments including statistical surveys, it has been found that not only crime decreases but so do suicide rates and deaths in the surrounding areas. For a full report on the science see here. http://thespiritscience.net/2015/06/18/studies-show-group-meditation-lowers-crime-suicide-deaths-in-surrounding-areas/
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