We read this Facebook post written by the greatly loved and admired Cathrine and it had to be an article for many of us to read. It is a brilliant piece of opinion about opinion! Cathrine is a real firebrand could this is the reason she is so popular? Have a read, make a comment or offer an opinion:

The Power of the Scroll Down!

Catherine’s shower time inspiration.
Yes, it is what it says on the packet … an inspiration that came to me in the shower.  Lol.

So we all have heard of
and more than likely implicate
Freedom of speech

But what about freedom of scroll? Freedom of face-post posts?

I see and hear people moan about what they see on Facebook.
I’m not talking about the extreme vile ones – If it’s distasteful or showing cruelty/ abuse of some form or another – then report.

I’m talking about:-
When it’s someone putting a picture of their dinner
I’ve heard someone say (not to me) – “oh so and so put another chicken dinner on their page.  Big wow, how sad”

Or photos of their pets
Heard someone say-
“who cares that your cat just curled up its tail”

Or plugging their business
Heard someone say –
– “oh here we go again, sell-sell-sell”


Yes, I’m guilty of posting all those pictures and posts listed above, but it’s MY PAGE!!

I enjoy cooking and eating.  I take pride in what I cook so I like to show others.

I enjoy my pets, they are beautiful … they bring me comfort and joy … they are a part of Mother Nature … of course, I want to share that with my FB friends

I enjoy my business.   We are a small business and trying to stay afloat during these challenging times.  It would be crazy not to try and continue to get it out there for people to see what we do.

If you don’t like it – scroll past or delete / unfriend

Even this post – oh it’s Catherine on one – just stop reading and scroll past lol.

Whilst you are in the mindset of moaning  ….and yes we all like a good moan from time to time – come chat to me when I’m pre-menstrual lol – sometimes we have to get things off our chest.
I’m talking about moaning for the sake of moaning…
When you do this consistent moaning or trivial moaning – you are actually taking away the pleasure of feeling positive.
Harder now than ever I know but don’t we deserve just that – to feel positive- to feel ok about life –
To Feel happy.

I’ve done my back in again – I’m in agony most of the time but I can’t afford to let it stop me or get me down.   If I were to constantly moan
about it – my energy would get so low- and I would not just then have these back pains but I would have chucked feeling shit about my entire life into the pot as well as …
still having this back pain!!!

Mental well-being is so vital.
So I’m doing little things to make me stay as bright in my heart as possible.

Do things no matter how trivial you deem them to be – that make you smile.
Find your happy place.

If you stuck around until the end then thanks, please do come again 😘💖

More about Cat and Marco:

During interviews with Visitors I ask ‘Have you visited the talks and if so which ones did you enjoy?’ – I listen to the Visitor answers with care as the talk schedule is an essential aspect of each event. Remember, I ‘exhibited’ at the ‘MBS’ events for over fifteen years. I considered stale talk schedules damaged the experience. Not only this, but organisers also failed to listen or did not even ask those attending the old events about the talks.

Marco Grove of New World Creations

This is why at every show I’m walking the ‘floor’. Watching and listening to the environment considering ways to improve the future of the Shows. I interview Visitors and Community Members, and these are used on the pages of LizianEvents News (LEN).

Short Video of Marco and His Customers


During the Newark Well Being Show, Marco Grove presented a talk and meditation. I wish I’d stayed for the meditation after taking the early photographs. Because during Visitor interviews I listened to a consistent comment: ‘Marco of ‘New World Creations’ talk and mediation was incredible’.

On Sunday morning I spoke to Marco about his mediation. Listen to the interview as you will gain an insight into Marco’s spiritual nature. The listener can download the MP3 file for reference and reflection. Marco’s words and message are inspirational and can help people who are in difficulties.

Listen To The Interview


Marco is a brilliant creative artist. His speciality is sculpture, and anyone who owns one of his pieces possesses an object of love, kindness, and future peace. The work and dedication to every beautiful angel he creates are almost mystical. Owning one of his angels not only represents the connections to the angel. The angel is a connection to the love and caring of the man who made the beautiful object. Visit The New World Creations website, and you will discover the unique sculptures.

Kat and Marco are the most wonderful people: I couldn’t choose one image!

Marco and his wife Catherine live and work on the Isle of Wight. Liz and I thank them for travelling the four-hundred and fifty miles round trip to attend the Newark Well Being Show. We understand their significant commitment made to this show and The Community.


Friends who have known Marco and Catherine for many years welcomed them back. Community Member after Community Member was clearly pleased to see their returning friends. Whenever there is a real and genuine welcome, it is sensed deep within our Being. As Marco and Catherine connected to Community and Visitors during the Show, there was no doubt in my mind we were privileged by their presence; special people whose virtue and integrity cannot be doubted.

Thank You for reading this article about Marco and Catherine.

You can download the interview from the link below.

Marco and Catherine’s website

See You Soon


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