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A simple meditation:

As life begins to readjust into the unknown
There is a need to find deep inner wellbeing
No matter the influence of others thoughts
My own thoughts create – Peace

Today is a day of reflection
I see changes in people and suspicion in their eyes
Even though I try to understand their fears
There is acceptance of their uncertainty

I ask my inner-being to see positives
Happiness and kindness
Nature and its beauty
Trees will grow – Rivers will meet the sea
Tides rise and fall

Ancestors watched in awe or fear of progress
From simple toil to industrial oppression
Some adapted and prospered
Others resisted and were left behind
And the brave fight in wars and reap harvests of peace

All humankind endures
Life is uncertain
Love is given and lost
Effort goes unrewarded
Friends are made and walk away
This is life’s progression

One cannot arrest the seasons
Thunder – lightning – storm
The tree grows and falls to saw or lightning
Natures death is acceptable
Man’s axe should be questioned

Humankind sacrifices for short-term gain
And weeps at the irreplaceable loss
Our final rest is inevitable
We live the journey to the last breath
The wise decide to live life
Others choose to live in fear of the inevitable

Today my life will be one of reflection
Thankful for all happiness
Without possessions there is freedom
Excess an unseen prison
My body is my the most valuable possession

And for today I will be my most important person

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