Thank You for Your Support! We are overwhelmed by the response from yesterday’s post. We also sent out an email to Visitors yesterday and received 17.5% opening in the first two hours. The feedback from the first survey (to the whole list) has resulted in 1250 replies overnight.

Community Member booking forms were sent out this morning and we have already received over fifteen bookings for the show – ‘Only fifteen’ you comment – ‘Yes that was within the first hour’. We will update you on Booked Community Members here on LEN as they come in: All of you can be assured we will use every facility to promote this show: We are proud to organise a show which follows survey answers made by Visitors.

We can begin to announce changes to the show format: Here are the first two:

  1. Doors close on Sunday at 16:00
  2. The talks will be within a one-hour time-space and will finish ten minutes before the next talk commences.

Here is a reminder of yesterday’s bulletin:

We confirm: With the probability that most social distancing rules and many of the lockdown restrictions will ease or come to an end on July 4th, I will confirm we will be anticipating being able to run the September Well Being Show at Newark on the 19-20 September. I have spoken to the venue management, and they agree that we can organise the event. Therefore we will be taking bookings for those who wish to attend the show at the Lady Eastwood Centre.

Our focus is on the many Community Members who have expressed interest in working together on this event: And we know Well Being Show Visitors are 101% enthusiastic to return to Well Being Shows at Newark Show Ground’s Lady Eastwood Centre and Lincolnshire Show Ground’s Epic Centre.

We have three months to put the first show together and we will give Community Members every advantage in these modern buildings with the best of facilities.

Many thanks for your support and interest:

Liz and Ian

The Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground

LizianEvents organise brilliant Well Being Shows – Many of the guests of LEN and the podcast can be met during the events: The Community who makes the shows are fascinating and will offer suggestions and ways to become a Well Being – Use the form below to be kept informed about the Well Being Shows and Community:

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