Why is silence empowering? Every one of us has days of mayhem. A young child cannot be settled – an adult child gives news of difficulty – a friend is in need of help – unforeseen and unwelcome news at work. And there are every day or longterm injustices which cause much havoc.

Goodness knows we will be seeing and hearing mountains of problems in the coming weeks. We should accept there will be uncertainty for many people. Opinions will differ and some will be too forceful and aggressive when offering their point of view: and the forceful will fail to accept the ‘silent majority’ who’ll watch and stay silent are in control.

It is the silent majority who are empowered. These are the ones who work through their life with determination and acceptance. In silence, they take time to know their limitations and assets: understanding the wisdom of staying within boundaries when times are anxious. I am not writing of the boundaries of external situations; my words are directed towards the limitations of one’s thoughts.

As life progresses, the wise discover everything changes and all comes to a conclusion. Many times the outcome is not too our choosing and fighting against reality causes anxiety, anger and restrictive mindsets. When we unwisely hang on to the unchangeable life will not progress. Understanding an issue only happens when one is capable of seeing the whole situation. It is important to force oneself to see both sides as when only one aspect is seen there will be agitation if the opposing views win the day. The silent majority watch and make the best of any situation, for them, it is the longterm or even lifetime outcomes which matter.

Opposing views will, many times win and common sense dictates a silent majority (or sometimes minority) must have influenced the situation in a better way to a silent majority. A hard example is if one is made redundant, although work colleagues will sympathise none will offer you their position. Situations such as this are encountered throughout life.

This simple essay asks one to know silence is empowering. I’m not writing of the ignorant silence used as an attempt to unsettle an opponent or win an argument. This is a sign of capitulation: and means the opponent has won control over the ignorant’s mind. The silence I write of is one of teaching the mind to be still, to be silent and empowered.

The still mind knows: ‘I cannot always agree’ ‘My life is too precious to argue’ ‘There are always opportunities’ ‘I cannot always be right’ ‘Peace cannot be made without acceptance’.

I am not writing silence means there is no opinion. The idea is to keep opinion within a reasonable perspective. Why argue and fight over long past issues? Today is where life is made good or not: No man can change history or make amends for the pain of the dead who suffered the injustice. Nelson Mandela knew acceptance and forgiveness is the way to make a new nation. He knew there would be no beginning without talking about the injustice and punishment would only extend the hurt and pain of a horrific episode in the history of humankind.

In forgiveness there is silence: once one forgives there should be silence. The old adage ‘I’ll forgive but I’ll never forget’ is not forgiveness, it is a threat that forgiveness can be overturned.

The silent majority watch: they know and see the whole picture. For them life continues, they accept, loss, unhappiness, pain, and sorrow. The silent majority also rejoice in their attainments and achievements, they see the positives as reward for the toils of setback and fortitude.

You may think the word ‘majority’ is wrong: believing there is no silent majority. My answer is this: ‘The majority of people live simple and ordinary lives: they go to work, pay their bills, live within their means, love their family and friends and make the best of what they have’ – If they did not the social systems of the world could not function: there would be no cohesion or acceptable peace within society. When people write and talk of new beginnings they are living in a hope of something ‘they’ would like to see. The silent majority have not changed, they have adapted and will return to work, looking after their homes, meeting with friends and their loved family.

The silent people within our social system are the message in the bottle cast out from a desert island. The message says: ‘Here I am: I’m shipwrecked: but my determination to survive is within my memories of past happiness and useful knowledge. Sometimes situations leave me alone or stranded: but my message overcomes any storm and makes me secure’. The silent mind is never lost because it is full of empowering freedoms.

Janine Love

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  1. Loved this article, I agree with it totally and also echo much of its content. I am ready to embrace the changes that will inevitably come during the coming months and indeed years. I hope one day to meet Janine as I find her viewpoints and candour very refreshing.

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