Money! Yes we know this would catch your eye: And the message is short and clear:

Please do not send deposits or payments for the Newark Well Being Show in September: We do not need any money at this time: Because if the show does not go ahead we will have to refund the money and this will mean banking charges for every refund!

We will let Community Members know when payments are required: We do not want any misunderstanding about the payment required for this event.


You can book for the show: We have about 18 stands left: But there is no deposit required and we do not require Community Members to send in full payments for stands at this time.

Why have we posted this announcement? Because some people are not reading their emails!

See You Soon 🙂

LizianEvents organise brilliant Well Being Shows – Many LizianEvents News guests can be met during the events: The Community who makes the shows are fascinating and will offer suggestions and ways to become a Well Being – Use the form below to be kept informed about the Well Being Shows and Community:

Money: LizianEvents Ltd

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