Tomorrow is already taken – circles of news – seeking the worse – blind eye to future possibilities: Tunnel Vision? DoomScrolling will only make life’s uncertainties worse!

Consider the news as a quicksand of doom and when one thumb’s through the gloom the inner being becomes ill at ease. There is no doubting the dangerous influence of internet scrolling habits. Computer and phone screen are bad news mind destroyers. And the more one sees the fearful stories the greater danger of slipping into depressions.

All search the net to support their point of view. Jack will discover five points to prove his opinion. Gill will easily find six more to disprove his opinion. Both are correct in their own minds. Do not think there is a mid-point where a ‘truth’ resides: there is no such place.

The silent majority rule the day. They can watch both sides and survive without concern: and when the time to cast the vote arrives: Jack and Gill are stunned they missed the points. A strategy is needed to survive the 24hr burden of dark news and the social media argument.

Mask Debate: LizianEvents Ltd

Mask Argument? – 16:07:20 – 90% do not wear a mask

The point is: You can have an opinion: although one has to see how people are behaving. This has nothing to do with Jack or Gill’s viewpoint. The fact is what is visible and what we can see with our own eyes. It does not matter what the opinion the silent majority will do as they choose. And one needs to learn to find calm no matter how difficult the opposition to fixed ideas. Failing to do so often causes psychological damage from the stress.

Consider the idea of being able to accept reality and learn to keep calm: When we see situations which ‘make our blood boil’ it is important to turn down the heat. No matter what one believes or would like to believe: reality often lights the fire of anger: Never has there been a more important time to control how to see all situations.

Watch the video recorded 16:07:20 in a small English town: Very few people are wearing masks: and most are returning to their normality and this is the way of mankind – we resist change. This is a reality: no matter what your thoughts: the need is to settle the mind and accept the situation: when one becomes angry or frustrated the inner-being suffers:


We know when the mind is subject to negativity it will become ill at ease. Remember, no matter what your opinion learn to take at least an hour each day away from the outside world. And learn to enjoy the freedom which comes from settling down the mind and inner-being. We do not have to enter meditations or repeat mantras. The key is to accept the right or wrongs of issues and settle down to relax and learn to enjoy the calm.

What no meditations or mantras?

No: Just learn to take care of one’s thoughts. Think about positive ideas, places you love, the family you care for and people you love, and even think about the possessions you enjoy using.

Look for beauty in everything you see and be thankful for the good aspects of your life. Everyone has someone they love or care for, so think about the happiness you enjoy when you are together. Think about the seascapes and beauty of the world, wild animals and the breathing forests.

Indulge in the thoughts: be thankful for your food, home or apartment. Your body is a conduit which allows you to interact with the world and mankind. Accept we are all different and we cannot always have the things we want or situations do not always work the way we desire. Be thankful you can experience all episodes, situations, right or wrong, good or bad because this means you are alive: and life is wonderful.

The more we try to see the wonders of life and the world, the more optimistic we’ll become. In the same way, you see the negative messages which media bombards the mind. You can learn to focus on the positive aspects of life and learn to realise one’s great potentials. In this way, you’ll become stress-free.


Do not always text or email. When you communicate with a friend call them and use your voice. And steer the conversation away from the negative: How do you do this? Initially, you will find the process difficult, because, you are asked to write a list of subjects you would like to talk about and you’ll not have done this before…

Here is a sample list:

When can we meet?
Can you remember when:
We were on holiday?
Took the road trip?
Enjoyed the Indian meal?
Would you like to meet for a walk?
What do you dream of?

Make up your own list: it is difficult, although, the more often we think about conversations the more rewarding they become.

One hour a day:

Put your phone on silent: and do not look at it for an hour a day: you are not indispensable: everyone can survive for an hour without your support or input. And resist DOOMSCROLLING – which is looking for the negative aspect of a situation. Try not to comment on other peoples comments. Yes! You may wish to make a contribution or change someone’s mind. But as the video demonstrates, there are opinions about everything (this example shows the reality of mask-wearing!) However, what you desire, or even believe may be miles away from reality.

Learn to consider the potential of taking a break from social flak:

Thirty years ago a holiday was a holiday from everyone. We went away and became ‘off the radar’ no one could contact us and we were none too concerned about connecting to our 50 weeks a year associates. We were alone with our thoughts and the places anew. Today, the phone connects us to everyone even though we are 5000 miles away. You’ll sit on a beach in Honolulu and mother will call from Basingstoke. Your daughter will text and wonder where you put her jeans. A friend will ask for your opinion about the world crisis! And do you know? You are not on holiday: you are just in another place!

The power of temporary isolation should not be underestimated. Being able to choose positive thoughts will make life easier and more fruitful. When one can accept the reality of life and know it is hard and difficult and unforgiving: life gets better. When the choice is DoomScrolling life can only stagnate.

See You Soon

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