Rose Best is trained in counselling to Degree level. In this article, the reader learns about Rose’s expertise as a professional counsellor and the juxtaposition as one of the most elegant Tarot readers in the U.K. – The critic of the ‘reader’ is probably unaware that many are qualified and full-time professional councillors. Never underestimate the potential for a reading to close the doors on the past and open the pathways to new horizons. In this article, Rose gives a balanced view of her work.

Many Thanks Rose

Counselling v Tarot by Rose Best

The counsellor is a highly trained professional working within codes of conduct who listens carefully to the client’s story, helping the client to see their pain, in the hope that they may come to understand the process of their evolution and in so doing the pain might be released.

The counsellor has revisited many of their own painful experiences over their 3, 5, 7 or more years training, looking deep within, feeling the complexities of their being in the hope they will be able to relate to others with non-judgemental empathy and understanding.

Counselling training is long and hard, exams to be taken, counselling practice to be witnessed and examined before accreditation is given. Then they are ready to work with clients, to be a mirror upon which clients can see and reflect upon their choices and actions.

Clients are helped to take control of their life experiences and situations; they are empowered, they are supported while they take new uncertain steps forward. Clients experience the boundaries parents have often been unable to provide. By working within a structured framework, they begin to trust, trusting themselves and others, opening to and exploring new possibilities. Time is required and over time changes can take place.

The tarot reader learns how to understand and connect to a deck of 78 cards, understanding their diverse meaning and interpretations, telling a story from some cards the client has chosen at random from the pack. The impact of the story on the client’s situation or circumstances can have powerful effects depending on how the story is interpreted and told.

Originally tarot cards were meant to be used as a game but have evolved into being classed as a spiritual science or referred to as a practice of occult or sometimes as a metaphysical science. The reader may also have learned or been given the “gift” of connecting to spirit and uses a spiritual connection plus the cards to provide answers to a seekers problem in life.

A tarot reader is a self- regulating regarding how they work with a client, no formal qualifications have been taken although some have spent many years understanding and practising their relationship with spirit or divine energy and learning how to use that connection ethically to help others find their way.

A tarot reader may or may not be a “medium” who has a connection with a spirit and or a guide, which helps give messages to the client from loved ones who have diseased.

Both counsellors and readers play a valuable part in helping others; counsellors are on the whole more supportive as they have time on their side, often seeing the client on a weekly basis over some weeks. Tarot readers give guidance, providing answers to client’s questions, good readers will not give false hope or false pretence. If a reader is also a genuine medium, they will often be able to offer much-needed solace to a client who has a loved one they wish to seek answers from or make connections with.

As a qualified counsellor and a tarot reader, I see the cards as a tool which aids the spiritual connection between reader and client. I don’t see myself as a medium, but I do work psychically, using my spiritual beliefs and natural intuition as well as much wisdom from life experience, to connect empathically with the client. I aim to give guidance which helps clients overcome any barriers or beliefs which hold them back.

As a reader, I am obliged legally to say readings are for entertainment purposes only. However, I use my counselling skills as well as intuitively connecting with a client so regard myself as working within professional guidelines albeit not as a professional counsellor.

The connection with a client is ultimately the most crucial thing disregarding being either a counsellor or reader. The relationship should be honest, open, genuine with non-judgmental positive regard, always having the clients best interest at heart, free from ego or self-gratification. People who seek help from either a counsellor or reader are often at their most vulnerable; a client deserves the best one human being can give to another, a message delivered from the heart with the best possible intentions can be a compelling healing experience.

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