This week I have been asked to become involved with two media projects. Both opportunities have come from recognition of previous work. There is also another far more adventurous project in the pipeline, but this will have wait until the present situation concludes. Incidentally, this last project came from a friend I’ve known for many years. I’m following on from my previous article: and use the three examples as evidence of continuity and working to gain recognition for one’s work results in long term benefits.

From experience, we find that many people give up and waste the effort already invested in an idea or objective. I’m always interested in those who suggest ‘They stopped working at their project just before it was going to succeed’. How can this be accurate? If the project is stopped, then there is no way to know if it would have worked out! Try not to be influenced by this type of statement. Although, written from a positive sentiment. It is not helpful to those who have chosen to close a business. The fact is: outside forces will influence the closure: debts, family commitment, fatigue all contribute to the difficult decision to close the chapter.

Therefore, it is essential to make sure everything you do and the way you act while pursuing the goal is seen to be right and ethical. Because the methods and personality people see you use will not be wasted, and your reputation will not suffer. Some time ago, a friend worked hard to build a business. While he was keeping financially above water: he was not making enough for reinvestment. He needed to make an excellent profit to go forward with his plans. Inevitably, he decided to close the business. And for a time he became disillusioned with life. One evening he called ‘Barrie, I’ve been offered a fantastic opportunity to work for a company who were my competition’ He took the job and has become a director of the firm. No doubting his present position is due to the years of working in his business. The lesson here is: ‘Nothing he achieved was wasted’.

Many people think they are not recognised for their efforts. People talk and they talk about both good and bad aspects of the subject of conversation. Never make claims to gain sympathy for something that has not worked well. I know this sounds like a challenging and unfeeling statement, but it is one which should be understood. A simple ‘I am sorry, I made a mistake’ is far better than excuses. Remember, we all have illnesses, family sorrows, relationship problems: and most of us have to work through the difficulties with bravery and fortitude. Demonstrating strength after failure is respected and admired. Remember, I am writing about business practice here: the dynamics of personal loss has differences.

Yes! Some people consider their businesses as a lifetime investment, and grief will follow if the project fails. To an extent, we fail to understand connections between the desire to see a project be fulfilled and the reality of what can be expected. We will put every effort into the project, and it fails. Of course, we look at people in the same business who are succeeding. And wonder why? My feeling is there is a relationship similar to a good mother: who’ll be loving and kind: and disciplined and stern. When there is too much emotion, the more difficult realities are unseen: or worse deliberately ignored.

Let’s return to the essence of this piece, which is: How people see us can have a longterm influence on our futures. If we are seen to work with integrity and fairness, people will respect our efforts. It is essential to know; people do not have like your personality to appreciate your ability. I have met with many professional who did not gel: however, I could respect and trust their ability without question. Try not to be influenced by personal feelings about people when it comes to business.

There will be people reading this article who’ll ask ‘Barrie, do you use your psychic ability in business?’ The answer is ‘Yes: I feel my heightened intuition does work within my business life’. I have great trust in first encounters and follow my instinct. Remember though I encourage people to know me: not the other way round. My feeling is if people feel comfortable with you and your ability: you will become mutually successful. And we can revisit and reassess our connections regularly. Once one forms and understands a common goal, people see the result and good result happen.

Today I’m investing my time in people: and giving as much as possible to help people through the uncertainty. It is giving back and returning deep spiritual roots. Readers may think this is opposed to the last paragraphs. However, spiritual beliefs, giving and caring are the basis of my work. Evidence is discovered after reviewing the decades of my career. I make no excuse for writing these final words, because, when I’m asked about my perceived success the answer is ‘It is what you see!’ and this is something worthy of careful consideration.

Barrie John

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