5 + 6 June 2021
The Lincolnshire Well Being Market
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

80+ Community Members Stalls

We have decided to promote this event. And we will be focussed on Visitor and Community awareness of the event over the coming months

It seems sensible to start making arrangements and taking bookings for the Lincolnshire Well Being Market. None of us can dismiss the possibility of a turnaround in the coming months. Therefore we are going to begin promotion. LizianEvents News Events pages will benefit from a revamp this month and we’ll begin with the Lincolnshire Well Being Market.

Community Members and Stallholders are already contacting us about the event: so interest is more than strong: it is amazing. Likewise Visitors are expressing phenomenal interest in the Lincolnshire Well Being Market. If the guidelines are relaxed, the event will go ahead. Let’s be confident and optimistic: let’s work to rebuild our futures.

Bookings will not require a deposit: Payments to stand will be invoiced 30 days before the event. If the event is prevented by the authorities to go ahead: fees paid will be returned less a £5:00 administration fee. The amount of time and money invested in putting the event together far exceeds this small charge. There is little to lose and everything to gain by being part of this landmark event.

We Have The Space

We have the experience and professionalism to put the event together. We have demonstrated our ability, not only to meet but exceed the guidelines placed by local authorities. The Newark Well Being Market which ran in 2020 September is key to the running of future events. Indeed, local and national authorities suggest most of the guidelines will be extended to all ‘group events’ for at least the next 18 months. So, the priority will be fit for purpose or purpose-designed venues. All our venues meet or exceed the 2020 regulations.

The Epic Centre is Perfect For An EPIC Event

This is sure to be a superb Well Being Market. Visitors can enjoy a weekend of magnificent Well Being ideas and inspiration. These are challenging times, and we have to adapt the previous format to become a Well Being Market. Many aspects have changed: No children’s activity area, no stage shows, no public performances. But The Community is adaptable and will continue to make the best of the situation.

→REVIEW of November 2019 Show←

The feedback from Vistors is impressive. All talk of great vibes and atmosphere and they leave with feelings of wellbeing fulfilment. The objective of attending a show is to find a way to Well Being and no doubt the Community Members who make the show fulfil the purpose. All are approachable and have extensive knowledge and experiences.

The Well Being Shows attained a brilliant reputation: So there is no reason to believe The Well Being Market will not appeal to previous Visitors. We’ll follow the rules and make it work!

The Epic Centre

The Epic Centre is a magnificent building. It is purpose-built eco-construction: most of the materials used to build the structure are recycled or locally sourced. There is unlimited parking at the showground, and with over three-hundred acres of grassland surrounding the Epic Centre, there is ample space for a break.

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Live Life Well – Become a Well Being

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