Thanks to everyone for the support given for Thursdays LizianShop Live. A few hitches in the early stages; however, the ”Live” progressed, and a few ”tweaks” meant all worked daily well. However, there is a way to go before we find our formula. The videos’ feedback was excellent, thank you for taking the time to send in your comments. More of the same next week: see you at Facebook page Lizian Crystals and Incense Shop 7:00 PM Thursday 18th.

The month is flying by, and we have chosen to begin the promotion of June’sJune’s Lincolnshire Well Being Market. It is a decision which is right for everyone who supports the Well Being Events. I know many do not feel the events will return this year, and I cannot align myself with this negative attitude.

Our work is to build the most acceptable Well Being events, and positive attitude is number one with every aspect of wellbeing. Set the seed of negativity, and nothing will grow. The fact is we are ready to go. The Epic Centre is booked and ready. We have already had solid a list of attending Community Members, and the Epic Centre can allow for 2-metre stall space and a brilliant open space to the layout.

We emailed out a bulletin earlier in the month, and the response was nothing short of incredible. I know for sure there will be no shortage of Visitors to the event. It is encouraging to read from the replies the consensus is the restrictions will be lessened by June. Therefore, it seems we are making the correct move.

So everyone is clear:

We will take bookings for the Lincolnshire Well Being Market from today.
Stand fees are payable 30 days before the event.
There is no requirement for deposits.
If for any reason the event does not go ahead – stand fees are returned less a five pounds administration fee.

Ian and I will make CERTAIN the stand fees are as low as possible. We may choose to run the events at cost. Everything we will do everything to help people back onto their feet. We intend to make certain no one is in any doubt of our intention to provide the most secure trading platforms for Community and Stall Holders.

I’ll finish this short article with this message.

If you have something to offer Visitors, then consider the Lincolnshire Well Being Market. If you have stood with us before and feel the Well Being Brand has evolved into something that will benefit your future, apply for booking forms. Everyone should realise the wellbeing of the Visitors is paramount, and if you are Well Being focussed, you’ll have something beneficial to offer Visitors.

Get ready for video interviews – podcasts and better Community information on our events pages. Every choice we make is driven by the success of Community Members and Stall Holders.

See You There:

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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