A reminder you can purchase an amazing range of crystals online with Carol’s Temptation Night’s on Wednesday and Sunday evenings on Facebook:

Carol is nationally recognised for her amazing stock of the highest quality crystals and crystal jewellery. Read Carol’s Facebook introduction to the twice-weekly event:

“One of my weekly highlights is organising my Temptations Night. While the ‘Live’ may only last for two hours it takes a day to prepare. You see it is important to provide a wide range of crystals that appeal to a massive audience. And the prices have to be fair and acceptable. My regular customers will see I love to place a few amazing (and hidden) bargains into the show: I do this to share the beauty of high-quality items”


Carol Wallace: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Here is Carol spending time selecting her crystals Marie Aux Mines crystal show in France. While at the event Carol begins the day at 06:00 and finishes twelve hours later. It is dedication like this which ensures the best quality crystals for her loyal customers.

Crystal Carol’s Facebook Page

If you click on the link you’ll gain a super insight into the quality and prices of the stock. And you can be sure if your a crystal lover there will be something to ‘Tempt You’! If you are a crystal lover what better way to spend two hours of your Wednesday evening.

Carol Wallace: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Carol Wallace

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