The event is beginning to take shape with a number of nominations coming through this website. We have been asked to clarify the criteria for those wishing to participate. The process is easy and is open to any gifted medium in the UK.

‘Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’

There was an unprecedented interest in last year’s Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award. We are inundated with questions about how the 2022 award will work. This article should clarify the situation. Barrie John and Gwen Acorah feel the award should be for the benefit for up and coming mediums. Nationally recognised mediums or those who already benefit from large stage audiences are not the focus of attention.

The award is, without doubt, prestigious. After all, Derek was an internationally recognised medium. Therefore, whoever wins the prize must attain a very high standard. Anyone who takes part will have to evidence their ability. In the initial introduction, send in information about how long you/they have worked as a medium, where and with who are essential criteria for selection for the event.

For this year, not only can Visitors nominate mediums, but people can also put themselves forward. As mentioned, nominations must include a synopsis of your work and previous experience. Providing this information is essential, as the information will be used to select the 10 people who will go forward to the live assessments during The November Pure Spirit Show.

So, applications for this year’s show are simple and straightforward. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page and send in the application or nomination. Those who are accepted will be expected to attend one of the days of November’s Pure Spirit Show (we will send out the allocated time and day one month before the show). Many gifted people can take part in this event and maybe become a star in the making. The demonstrations are held at the:

Pure Spirit Mind Body Spirit Show
19 + 20 November
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground

The award will allow the winner to prove they have attained the highest mediumistic standard and benefit for many years after being awarded the accolade. There is no doubting the award will become a yardstick of attainment.

Another aspect of the award is finalists will have their place on the Pure Spirit Events page. This means visitors to the site can contact them for the following year and have priority places if they wish to stand at any Pure Spirit Show. The winner has secured reader places on all Wellbeing and MBS shows organised by LizianEvents Ltd. They will also stand without charge at Pure Spirit Shows. Plus, they receive an outstanding trophy.

Sarah May: Barrie John: Pure Spirit: LizianEvents Ltd

2021 Winner Sarah May and Barry John

Relisten to the announcement in this podcast:

You will learn about the Pure Spirit Shows’ ethos and the award’s beginnings. The podcast was recorded in 2020, but it is still an interesting interview.

Readers can express their interest and ask for updates by completing the contact form below:


  1. I left off one further vital criteria for a good medium, so here is no11.

    Many mediums who focus on 121 sessions my feel this is not so important ( I disagree). But for those who do platform work it is vital.

    There is a fundamental paradox. Good mediumship is intensely personal, not least in a personal connection, but with an audience there will be some, probably many who do not get a message, how does the medium communicate with them, the many?

    Even individually, I believe a reading is a show. How the medium dresses, their physical appearance, their manner, their structure, their denouement, it is a story, those are component parts as much as the messages.

    An outstanding medium is memorable -as Derek was.

    I look forward to seeing how the contenders match up.

  2. Rachael Farrow is an outstanding medium, delivering messages of love with a gentle heart x

  3. Rachael Farrow is one of the best mediums I have worked with. She has a great presence and the evidence she brings through is second to none. Rachael gives messages from the spirit world with love and kindness and I have no hesitation in nominating her for this award.

  4. I would like to nominate Rachael farrow for the award I have been on the receiving end of a message from spirit from this lovely lady I have the privilege of sitting alongside her in development and always know that the evidence she brings forward is with compassion and well do by e 💜

  5. I would like to nominate Rachael Farrow. She is a great ambassador for mediumship. Her evidence is excellent and she delivers communications with love and truth. She has been an inspiration to many and gives of her time and skills for the benefit of others. A truly beautiful spirit xxx

  6. I would love to nominate Rachael Farrow, her spiritual gifts are excellent and her medium work is superb

  7. I would love to nominate Rachael Farrow, For her natural ability to communicate the Sprit world. A Beautiful white shining light !!

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