Look forward to a very insightful week ahead. We will be focussing on the remaining three shows and this means updates on Community and exhibitors and of course the talks scheduled.

We are enjoying fantastic interest in all of our endeavours at this time. There is no doubt that constant updates and information is being enjoyed by the hundreds of people who visit this site. And the special reputation for uniqueness and high quality is truly making headways in directions we could never have expected.

Unfortunate we have to keep our long-term plans fairly secret. It seems everyone copies the ideas and even the text of our posts. So you will have to wait until 2023 before further announcements are made about the shows. Special note should be Newcastle as we are planning some very special attractions for 2023.

So, I hope you’ll enjoy next week’s posts and articles there will be news for everyone and plenty to share. And I thank you all for the incredible support you are giving to the Well Being Brand. I have never seen so many posts and shares for the three event and the interaction and interest from new people is staggering.

See You Next Week


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