Pure Spirit Mind Body Spirit Show
‘The Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’
19 + 20 November
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground


50+ Attending Community Members
14 Presentations

The Derek Acorah Award Demonstrations

Board Spectrum of Exhibitors

This event is a dedicated Mind Body, and Spirit genre focused on all aspects of spirituality. The Pure Spirit Event is all about the traditional elements of this much-loved genre. Visitors will meet and talk with mediums, psychics and enjoy aspects of spiritual healing. The community Members’ line-up is the best and well known in the MBS arena. The Pure Spirit Event will bring magical moments and spiritual ideas. It will become a calendar date for all mind, body and spirit fans.

Alternative and Spiritual Healing

More people are investigating the aspects of holistic healing than ever before! While traditional allopathic medicine is curing millions of people daily, many love to complement their treatments with spiritual healing and complementary methods. During your visit to The Pure Spirit MBS Show, take time to talk with a healer and experience a taster or full treatment. You will defiantly feel better after a massage or healing meditation.

Music and Meditations

Visitors will enjoy outdoor meditations and Iza Moon and Claudine West music performances. Presentations focussed on everything esoteric. For example, you will enjoy mediumistic demonstrations: Reiki shares and spiritual healing sessions. We will also enjoy rituals presented by Alan Wood of Native American Smudging Rituals.

Derek Acorah Award Demonstrations

No other Mind Body Spirit Show offers such an extensive schedule of Mediumistic Demonstrations. And the demonstrations at this event are being assessed for Derek Acorah Award. With one room dedicated to demonstrations and spiritual presentations, the event will surely gain a following with those who love this aspect of the spiritual quest. And while writing about mediums and psychics, the show has many traditional readers who can offer superb consultations. What not have a reading? You may discover how exciting and accurate a consultation can be!

Sarah May: Barrie John: Pure Spirit: LizianEvents Ltd

Talks Schedule

The Pure Spirit MBS Show cannot be without an extensive talk schedule. The subjects covered are varied and exciting. How do crystals work? Is there an afterlife? What is colour healing? Animal communication, Group smudging ceremonies are only part of the talks scheduled. Many Visitors come to the show with the presentations foremost in their minds. Is there any need to wonder why? The amount of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding is second to none. Visitors will leave the event with much to think about. The spiritual journey is profound and enlightening. And all talks and demonstrations are free!


No Mind Body Spirit Show could be without a vast array of retail outlets. Retail exhibitors carry a vast range of stock. For example, everything from ethically sourced gifts, incense, fragrance oils, essential oils, cosmetics and clothing to crystals and silver jewellery is available. All are reasonably priced and of high quality.

Your Host

One of our best-loved Mediums: Mr Barrie John, is your host for the weekend. You will find him approachable and interactive with Visitors and The Community of Exhibitors. Barrie is so enthusiastic about this event. He has worked at many events countrywide together, and we have produced an event with significant changes to the format. Everyone will work together to make the best of these exceptional times. Never has there been a greater need to revisit or reconnect to our spiritual values.

‘Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award’

There was unprecedented interest – in last year’s Derek Acorah Annual Mediumship Award. We are inundated with questions about how the 2022 award will work. This article should clarify the situation. Barrie John and Gwen Acorah feel the award should be for the benefit for up and coming mediums. Nationally recognised mediums or those who already benefit from large stage audiences are not the focus of attention.

The award is, without doubt, prestigious. After all, Derek was an internationally recognised medium. Therefore, whoever wins the prize must attain a very high standard. Anyone who takes part will have to evidence their ability. In the initial introduction, send in information about how long you/they have worked as a medium, where and with who are essential criteria for selection for the event.

For this year, not only can Visitors nominate mediums, but people can also put themselves forward. As mentioned, nominations must include a synopsis of your work and previous experience. Providing this information is essential, as the information will be used to select the 10 people who will go forward to the live assessments during The November Pure Spirit Show.

So, applications for this year’s show are simple and straightforward. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page and send in the application or nomination. Those who are accepted will be expected to attend one of the days of November’s Pure Spirit Show (we will send out the allocated time and day one month before the show). Many gifted people can take part in this event and maybe become a star in the making. The demonstrations are held at the:

Pure Spirit Mind Body Spirit Show
19 + 20 November
Lady Eastwood Centre
Newark Show Ground

The award will allow the winner to prove they have attained the highest mediumistic standard and benefit for many years after being awarded the accolade. There is no doubting the award will become a yardstick of attainment.

Another aspect of the award is finalists will have their place on the Pure Spirit Events page. This means visitors to the site can contact them for the following year and have priority places if they wish to stand at any Pure Spirit Show. The winner has secured reader places on all Wellbeing and MBS shows organised by LizianEvents Ltd. They will also stand without charge at Pure Spirit Shows. Plus, they receive an outstanding trophy.

Sarah May: Barrie John: Pure Spirit: LizianEvents Ltd

2021 Winner Sarah May and Barry John

Relisten to the announcement in this podcast:

You will learn about the Pure Spirit Shows’ ethos and the award’s beginnings. The podcast was recorded in 2020, but it is still an interesting interview.

Readers can express their interest and ask for updates by completing the contact form below:

Questions or Suggestions? Join the show? Use the contact button below:

About Barrie John


As many of us know, Barrie is the King of paranormal investigations: Working as a show medium on television’s Most Haunted: Barrie has gone on to establish himself as the ‘expert’ in the field. Therefore: paranormal groups and businesses are welcome to become part of this fantastic event.

Medium Demonstrations

Very much part of the event will be mediumistic demonstrations, and these will be the lead up to the Derek Acorah Medium of the Year Awards. This will become a calendar award for anyone who loves mediumistic work. Barrie has worked with Derek’s wife Gwenn to make this award a brilliant memory to one of the world’s best-known mediums.

Barrie John: LizianEvents: Lizian Events

Mr Barrie John

Barrie comments:

“It is essential for the growth of Pure Spirit that the markets embellish the highest of spiritual principles. Our Visitors will know from the outset that the organisers of the markets respect their presence. If we are to keep Visitors, we must care for their enjoyment of every market. To this end: I will make every change needed to make the Pure Spirit Market a brand which is loved by all who attended the old-style MBS events”.

Barrie’s twenty-five years of involvement in Mind Body and Spirit, Paranormal and Mediumistic demonstrations must indicate to Vistors they are in for a fantastic Pure Spirit Experience. He has worked with the most excellent mediums this country has produced: Mr Derek Achorah and Mr Colin Fry. Barrie has enjoyed years of television and radio popularity, and demand for his stage demonstrations grows. We must accept these connections must contribute to the quality of The Pure Spirit Events.

Promotion and Connections:

Barrie decided to bring in the established expertise of LizianEvents to organise the show and its development. The organisation is building an excellent reputation for hosting first-class shows. Their connections and media presence makes sense. With excellent facilities to produce videos, audio media, podcasts and web design, everyone involved in Pure Spirit can only benefit from LizianEvent’s expertise. This ability to connect is especially crucial for Community Exhibitors who can be confident the shows are not just a venue hire venture. Pure Spirit will be 365 days connected. Visitors and Community Exhibitors will have a brilliant network. No doubt LizianEvents Organisation’s ability to make the running of shows, events and markets easy and memorable for all who take part.

No Doubting The Future:

Come and join Barrie at The Pure Spirit Shows: Become a Community Exhibitor and take advantage of the immense conduit of connections. Barrie John: The Derek Acorah Award: And LizianEvents combine to provide all involved with a thriving, progressive new style. Barrie insists on the best venues and affordable stand fees. Anyone who becomes part of Pure Spirit will enter into a new era of Spiritual success. You can be assured there are many opportunities available for everyone to prosper. Show Ambassadors are a new show idea.

Barrie’s final words:

“Join me in this new venture. My intention is for all of us to be part of a beautiful spiritual centred concept. I’m looking forward to working with new and inspirational people. You will know if Pure Spirit will work for you: I assure you of my dedication to your future and success”.
Barrie John.

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  1. I think that the Derek Acorah award is a fantastic initiative and has enormous potential.

    It raises some pivotal questions, not least of which is “what is a good medium”? Here are ten questions which may help to answer that question.
    1. Is it about evidence?

    This looks straight forwards but isn’t. Aunty flo may have walked with a stick ( not unusual) but did she keep a silver spoon, given to her on her christening, in a box in the top drawer of her telephone table ( highly unusual)?

    Is one piece of highly specific evidence more valuable than three more generic ones?

    2.Is it about the quantity of evidence and the amount of time spent?

    How long is a good reading? How much evidence should be offered?

    3.Did the reading fit the billing?

    Mediums may describe their gifts, and strengths in many ways. How did the reading live up to expectations?

    4.Is it about appearance?

    Our very own Rick Paul is known for his waist coats, on the one hand irrelevant to evidence, but on the other it makes him instantly memorable. What good is a medium whom you cannot remember? What makes them memorable?

    5. Is it about their ability to deal with “misses”?

    Not all evidence can be accepted immediately for a variety of reasons. How does the medium deal with evidence given which does not apparently fit?

    6. Is it about delivery and tone?

    Some messages and evidence can be awkward to be imparted. How skilled is the medium in delivering that? What is their voice like, how fast, or slowly do they talk?

    7. Is it about likeability?

    Some mediums we warm to because of their personality, but others have a detached otherworldly quality which can be part of their strength.

    8. Is it about their structure?

    Having a reading can be daunting and emotional. A clear structure to the reading can be enormously beneficial

    9.Is it about their spontaneity?

    Sometimes a reader can seemingly abandon all structure but instantly connect with the client and Spirit, this can be exciting and rewarding.

    10. Is it about credibility?

    A mixture of all of the above

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