Hello Everyone,

I have enjoyed a busy week working with all things Lizian. And as so often mentioned, I’m always surprised at the immense gains we are making with bookings and interest in the shows.

Over the last weeks, Ian has used Google analytics to keep track of web traffic. He has also utilised social media analytics to find out the main reason why we are enjoying so much interaction. We were both amazed to discover the growth is primarily due to organic reach!

Organic reach is solely down to participant interaction. This is primarily sharing with friends. There is of course a point where the connections become so great that the momentum cannot be stopped. And while we are not at this point, evidence suggests organic reach is key to the promotion of shows.

I asked if hashtags would increase awareness. And the answer is ‘how often do you use hashtags?’ The answer is of course very little. While hashtags have a purpose they also have a limitation. Too many slow the traffic down. #lizianevents how often do you search using the connections? I hope you read the point, which is, we focus on where best awareness is gained. www.lizianevents.org

So what is the point of my Sunday Thoughts?

It is simply this, whatever you do, TRUST that there are people out in the world who like was you are doing and share the good things that you do. Never become disheartened by a feeling of being out in space without being seen. Because people do see you and they are aware of your abilities and gifts. Even though people do not directly acknowledge the great acts of kindness and giving, they do share with friends. So, never feel lost or alone. Good acts are always recognised, do not doubt the sentiment.

it is all too easy to hear words of criticism. There are those who thrive on other failings. But remember, it is more of a statement about them than the victim! We do not always ‘get things right.’ There are times we cannot see our mistakes, but this comment counts for everyone, without exception. Take heart that tomorrow is another day.

Awareness comes from observation. We can blow our trumpets forever, but it is the words of others involved that matter. I am more than aware that those who prosper within a group will extol the wonders, and those who struggle will often be silent. But it is the silent who matter, they are the ones who need nurture and care. http://www.lizianevents.org

This is the message we have to learn for the long term, not one of repeating victory. We need to seek the failure and ask for ideas for ways to move forward.

See You Soon – Have a Great Week

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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