Walls Come Tumbling Down

Walls Come Tumbling Down
Walls Come Tumbling Down

I write this essay not only from the perspective of ‘Well Being’ Exhibitions and the idea that we work together to guide our visitors to become a ‘Well Being’. The observations are relevant to other genres of shows I have attended, from industrial trade shows to wedding fairs we observe an individual I name: UnderMiner. I ask you to consider the exhibition hall as a home, where we sometimes encounter a person who is determined to make family life (or is the word community?) difficult and uncomfortable.

Fragmentation is destructive
A destructive person damages the confidence of many people

We find this individual in many avenues of life. Office complainer, a demeaning friend, criticising teenager, and the ‘know all’. All use similar phrases to enforce their viewpoint. Read examples of their negative comments: ’They could do more’ ‘I would have done this another way’ and ‘XYZ does it better.’  Consider the sentiments carefully, because in truth the gripes indicate the UnderMiner’s real problem… It is within their minds, thoughts and persona.

Lack of confidence, inadequate preparation, closed-minded thinking is the root cause of their complaint. Unsuccessful people are quick to cover their tracks, blaming others or finding fault are indicators of weakness. We should consider their worry is the ‘probability of failure.’ By finding fault in working or living environments, the UnderMiner deflects personal responsibility. They are adept at making slight problems seem significant hurdles and suggesting their particular issue concerns everyone.

The difficulty is, people who listen to the UnderMiner, take the risk of becoming a victim of an insipid snare. It will snag their mind and set doubts as to the prospects for the show. The effects can be catastrophic, and the victims cannot see the damage caused by the ripples of negative attitude. They fail to realise the gripe is the cause of gossip and speculation. This result’s in a feeling of apathy, and the show is a failure before it begins. What hope of success has a ‘reader’, retailer or therapist when self-confidence is undermined? Once self-doubt is set’s in, there is no easy way to turn it around and very soon ‘The Wall’s Come Tumbling Down.’

We know if a smile is genuine; we see fear and anxiety on the faces of fellow humans. The visitor sense’s the emotion of the exhibitor. In the same way, the visitor sense’s the ambience of the venue. The visitor loses confidence in the show and exhibitor once he senses discord and this goes further; our visitors remember long faces of fear. Later, during conversations about their experience of the show, they comment; ‘Goodness, it was a thick atmosphere’ ‘No-one had a smile on their face’ ‘You could “tell” there was something wrong.’

Cohesion is the foundation of success

The answer is to be careful with the preparation of stalls before the show. Everything should be immaculate, including personal presentation. The higher our standards, the less concern we have about attracting customers. When complaints are aired, we dismiss them with the answer ‘I have prepared for the show’ ‘There will be enough customers for us all’ ‘I’ve had a beautiful day.’ We know the reality when we give our best, is that our endeavours are rewarded. Do not doubt the fact, a venue full of positive, caring and interactive exhibitors will encourage visitors to stay and return time and again.

Be aware positivity cannot be bluffed, interaction has to be genuine and consistent. We should be prepared for prolonged concentration during the show. I wonder why anyone would wish to spend hours designing the stall, travelling to the venue, setting up and then sitting behind the stall tapping away on the iPhone?

Destructive Communication
Destructive Communication

The Underminer’s criticism is a slow and paralysing poison. The selfish words of complaint affect exhibitors and visitors and potentially ruins the event. The UnderMiner’s words have the potential to destroy self-confidence and our shows suffer. The probability of success is certain within confidence – Ruined by incompetence. Once we succumb to the UnderMiner’s (personal) negative self-doubt, we become within fear and ~ ‘The Walls Come Tumbling Down.’

Live Well and Prosper 

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