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I imagine my spiritual journey began in the same way as many other people. There is a feeling of awareness, and we start to seek enlightenment. The spiritual journey does lighten the soul from burdens and helps us to find balance in the mind, body and spirit.

The first stage of my development was my attuned to Reiki. My leaning was traditional, and the choice became Usui Reiki. The first occasion of channelling Reiki healing will never be forgotten; it was amazing. I’d caught the Reiki bug! Again the word enlightenment comes to mind; the feedback received was gratifying and encouraged me to continue with this work. The more I learned about this incredible energy, the greater the desire to heal people who needed help. Reiki is a rewarding energy to work with and enjoy. The client is often nervous and tense; I explain that Reiki energy is channelled through my body and to theirs. The client is made aware the energy is gentle and safe and during the healing session, the energy flows to where it is needed. As the subtle force flows through their body, it will help it heal itself.

Michelle at Work
Michelle at Work

After a short time, the client relaxes, the natural energy settles their mind, calms the body and lifts the spirit. There is no doubt all Reiki healers understand the process I am describing. It is a truly wonderful experience for both practitioner and client. And as already described Reiki Healing Energy flows to through our bodies and goes to the areas it is needed. The benefits of Reiki are always positive, and remember when a human works to help another she or he is within our greatest purpose.

Working with, and seeing the results of Reiki energies opened my mind to explore other avenues of energy and complementary healing. I felt there was a need to learn about other ways or methods which will help my clients. I chose to qualify in three highly important therapies. Reflexology, Champissage Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling. I can make a choice to use one or combination of the treatments to help my client restore physical and mental balance and allow their inner-being to be free from agitation and discord.

When working with vibrational energies, we become aware of how much is available from the spiritual potentials surrounding our Being. For example: – during healing sessions, there is an enhanced awareness of our guides. Without a doubt, my connections have gone from strength to strength. During 2015 my journey turned toward another avenue, that of psychic and spiritual mediumship. I decided to train with Simon Goodfellow and with his guidance, I explored the potentials of The Tarot, Psychometry and a deeper understanding of Mediumship. There should be a reference to another spiritual teacher; I am privileged to have been mentored by a great friend, Kat Perry.

I am now able to pass on my knowledge to others who are following their journey. I teach Usui Reiki. Teaching is reciprocal teacher and pupil mutually benefit from the lessons. Teaching is incredibly rewarding and confidence building. The greater our understanding, the more our potentials become realised. Healing needs to flow, and the more often we heal and connect to our spiritual being the greater our potentials of love, kindness, and awareness are developed.

When working with clients, I find combining both healing and spiritual energies attains effective results. This combination also means I am attuned to my client. Therefore the connection guides me to know and understand what is best for each situation. For examples: – I may sense a gentle energy over two or more sessions is suitable. Or an intense session which combines two or more therapies (Reiki – Mediumistic message – Indian Head Massage) will prove to be more effective. A combined session of Indian Head Massage and Reiki is a divine experience. I look forward to meeting my old friends and clients during the show and of course, I invite you to talk to me about my work.

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  1. This lady is one of my most favourite people she calls it as it is and I am proud to call her a friend, this video only captures a snap shot of her talents, I will often seek her counsel and I look forward to our next “natter.

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