Jane Osbourne’s “Moment” with Astrology

Here is an interesting post for our regular contributor Jane Osbourne. The link takes you the article on her website, which is also worth an hour or two’s investigation. Her introduction email is self-explanatory.

Link To The Article

Hello Ian and Liz,

Please find below a blog post on Mercury in Retrograde. It is not my corner of expertise but I was dealing with a colleague regarding a couple of retreats I have booked for next year and she said she would not deal with my request after December as Mercury was in retrograde.

I thought she was fobbing me off but… it is all about communication, plans being disrupted and decisions best left until Mercury moves forward. Hence to say that my 2 week trip to the Gambia was cancelled and I ended up on Blackpool beach Xmas day. The person who I offered to share running the retreats with has backed out (which is better for me as I was paying, arranging and running most of the course).

This blog is a result of me finding out what exactly Mercury in Retrograde is all about. I shall now think twice before making decisions lol.

Jane Osbourne

Link To The Article


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