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John Richardson : LizianEvents
John Richardson : LizianEvents


John has worked diligently to become regarded as one our leading Past Life Regression Therapists. Rightfully so, he has a unique advantage, he is trained and mentored by Mr Peter Wall, who was recognised as the U.K’s best-established practitioner in this fascinating field, and today John continues with Peter’s work. You can be sure John’s training is of
the highest standard possible and access to Peter’s knowledge place’s him in a unique position.

Our Past Lives are autobiographies of the soul. Discovering past life histories is a most enjoyable and beneficial experience. Interesting, because we find secrets of our past, which can take us on incredible journeys of discovery. Beneficial, because we can close doors on issues which trouble our soul. Do not be surprised if, on the return journey from the regression, healing of the most significant and highest spiritual level occurs. Many people literally have years of discord dissolved as a result of closing unresolved past life issues.

Past Life Regression uses a gentle hypnotic technique to take us back through time. Using gentle and relaxing suggestions John allows you to enter into the hidden memories of the unconscious mind. During a session, one or more lives can be explored, and we experience exciting adventure’s and memories. John guide’s you carefully during the session, he will keep you safe and secure. On occasions an old issue is reviewed, in this instance, John will guide you view it in the most beneficial way.

Within a few minutes of talking to John, you will know him to be a kind and insightful man. Ask him as many questions needed, he has the time and patience to answer with clarity and integrity. It is John’s foremost desire for you to enjoy your regression and subsequently recommend his work and ability to your friends.

He is also a gifted spiritual medium and clairvoyant, who recognises the greatest mediums are healers. There is little doubting his healing ability, spend a few moments in conversation, and you will appreciate his gift. By choosing to have a reading with John, you will find him to be clear in his messages. His nature is to enter into the deepest of empathy during your time together, he delivers the message with humour and consideration; he is non-judgemental and compassionate. John’s guidance is known, to be honest, and accurate. When receiving guidance and counsel you will encounter a refreshing openness, if something has to be said, you will hear it, no holds are barred.

During this event John offers:

Private and Confidential one to one readings.
Past Life Regression.
Healing (Mind Healing Therapy™).

Many Thanks – John Richardson

For an advanced booking contact John using the two links below or the telephone number:
Telephone: 07800 584077

Finally, John can be booked for talks and workshops, for more information you can also connect to him with the links above.


“John Richardson is the Owner and Founder of The Feel Better Fast Clinic: Hypnotherapy; Coaching & Counselling.”


  1. It has been a pleasure to work & mentor John – he has been an exemplary student & I had no quarms in recommending him to take over my mantle as a Past Life Repressionist. Well done John – keep up the good work.

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