The 2018 Shows

The Show Begins
The Show Begins

We are pleased with the interest and heightened awareness of the shows. Each day we receive questions about how to exhibit at the venues. When someone asks for details about exhibiting at ‘all’ the shows; the inference is: the growing reputation is making a positive impact.

As regular readers know, we consider the last eight months as foundation building. The Community has embellished the ideas, and plans for the future: and as the commitment to the success of the events continues to grow. The number of Community Members increases.

Community Members now realise the potentials of LizianEvents goes further than exhibiting at the shows. We encourage people to utilise the assets available. An article on this platform, a classified advertisement or a contribution to the forum. Each facet will make an impression and benefit anyone who uses them to their advantage.

I have no doubt Rick Paul would testify to the potentials of LizianEvents promotional assets. It is heartwarming to see other Community Members are beginning to use the Classified pages. They understand that to use the facilities may not bring instant results. However, the potential should be harnessed. Remember there is no charge to use any the LizianEvents assets.

Of course, we have a few Community Members who have decided not to exhibit with us this year. Even so, we will still promote their work and ideas. Being part of The Community does not stop when a Community Member decides to explore other avenues. Many people will see the integrity of this policy. We wish to build an excellent infrastructure which can be utilised by our visitors.

It is envisaged that over the coming months the Google search engine will prioritise LizianEvents when people search for information about spiritual subjects. I have optimised this platform for to this end. Being part of The Community will bring long-term benefits of awareness to a higher number of people than if you chose to ‘flying solo’. Because our platform is optimised for search protocols, we receive greater traffic. The only outcome can be a higher degree of traffic to the sites.

The website has been updated with Community Members who have returned booking forms. We have an immense amount of Community Members who will be added to the show lists over the next few weeks.

Visitors who view the site can look through the Community Member Profiles, videos and listen to MP3 downloads. As the site grows in depth and breadth of information, there will be more significant numbers of visitors. Remember, the more visitors we receive, the greater the awareness of our work and objectives. When I write ‘OUR’ the inference is for the whole of The Community: not LizianEvents.

The promotion of Nottingham – Trowell and Newark Well Being Shows is well underway, and the rebooking through Eventbrite is very healthy. Over the next ten days, the approach to LizianEvents Shows will become holistic. Utilising Eventbrite means we will cascade the promotions so as visitors can see the evolution of the events. To this end, we will publish the 2019 calendar in February.

Incredible changes are occurring this year. Liz and I have made a target of two hundred community members. We have an incredible new LizianEvents News platform being tested, and this will go live before the June ‘Lincolnshire Well Being Show’. There is no escaping the changes we are implementing. And remember, every announcement we made in 2017 has been fulfilled. Liz and I will continue to meet our obligation to The Community Members.

The Community Members are the Shows – We never forget this bedrock of the future success of OUR Well Being Shows.


  1. You are absolutely right Ian, you have offered me and the community as a whole the opportunity to promote I am grasping the opportunity with both hands and for those readers who want to know anything more about me or my attitude towards my work come and speak to me, I love doing what I do and I look forward to meeting clients old and new at this years events.

    • Rick, you are an inspiration. If anyone should seek advice on how to promote their work they should look to your consistent interaction here at LizianEvents News and your social media presence. There is no doubt in my mind you will reap many harvests of success from the seeds you sow through the year. Mant Thanks for your consistent faith in our endeavours – Ian

  2. It is never enough to just book a table and say “spirit have guided you there”. I decided to hitch a ride and offer my services free with another regressionist for the day to experience life on the festival events.

    I saw this first hand at The Olympia show in London at great cost of a beautiful lady who wrote the most warming poetry pamphlets, gifted is insulting to her standard, she informed me her guides told her to pay thousands for the weekend stall and “all would be well”.

    Throughout the day I walked the venue and watched as she withered away. She thought being there was enough. This was a big reality message for me. The message is “don’t be so gullible as to think everyone knows you or wants to know you and one show will make you.

    Its about repetition and repetition over months of being “seen”. We all need to action promotional avenues to support the platform of the show they are attending. Passing on your reviews and write ups to Lizian, facebook, websites, anything to promote is a good. They all have links, 5% of coverage is better than 0%, it’s down to you.

    I can hear it now and I agree in part. When you fork out good money to be part of a festival or event you are paying for the fact they are well known in their field, they are promoting and have a footfall of people that will come (fact, there is only so many of the same people come to events, we need to expand outside this field to bring them in).

    The promotional vehicle, in this instance (Lizian Events) can only do their best with their email contacts, promotions, advertising. It is up to us to ride on the back of the event, to keep promoting right up to the event, week after week, to keep promoting after the event again and again, to post articles, to link it to websites. Be consistent.
    We are our destination. You are your advert, Having a stall is a bonus and not an expectation that the dollar will come in. Given the time I spend hosting my articles on Hootsuite, twitter, facebook, my website, other sites, other advertising sites, messaging people, visiting centres and dropping off my leaflets. Phew.

    I have filled a log cabin retreat weekend, not through one advert, but through Lizian events, facebook. twitter, going out to events doing talks and handing out leaflets, visiting knitting and sewing and psychic circles. It is not a one stop shop.
    It is about being consistent……………are we ready to be consistent………….. I get tired with it …………but it is the way forward

    • Hi Jane – This is a brilliant reply – The content is worthy of becoming an article. It will be published 12th of January – You support and input is always of the highest standard and contains solid and usable wisdom – Many Thanks – Ian

  3. Very good assesment of the progress of LizianEvents. The progress of the last eight months is nothing short of astounding. I like the way the focus is on ‘The Community’ and the promoters acceptance the exhibitors make the shows. The consistancy of the articles and the speed and information in the websie proves the dedication to success for all involved. It is interesting more people are becoming pro active on the LizianEvents News. I did a search of LizianEvents on Google and these is page after page of information. The connections to Community Members is amazing. Janine.

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