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CornerStone Article
CornerStone Article

This article is for all Community Members, and I ask you to share it with all people you know who are within The Community.

There are essential ‘Community Only’ announcements coming over the next three weeks. They are concerning the LizianEvents Lincolnshire Well Being Show. This Show is destined to be a fantastic event. It will have more than 120 individual Community Members. Therefore, the planning and organisation must be fully understood by all who are attending.

It is essential for you to check your email ‘junk mail’ files and check any LizianEvents information or correspondence is not being diverted into the junk files. Look for any Mailerlite – Lizian – LizianEvents correspondence and click ‘not junk’.

We have four disappointed Community Members who will not be able to stand at Newark Well Being Show because their booking forms went into the junk file. This is not our fault; it is the way all email boxes operate. And some are more stringent than others.

LizianEvents is making incredible headway, and the movement of our marketing and promotion is now clearly evident. Our internet analytics are climbing higher each week, and we are beginning to achieve global awareness. I intend to step up the interaction between Community and Visitors over the coming year, and I wish to keep this momentum going with relentless marketing.

I am now looking for regular contributors for a weekly spot on a new LizianEvents News Theme. Think newspaper style and imagine pages. We have 324 articles ready to fill the new platform and Visitors are reading and searching LEN (LizianEvents News) every day of the week. If you believe LEN will not benefit your progress, think again and search the name ‘Rick’ on the search box on this page. You will immediately be directed to twelve articles in which Rick Paul is featured in some way. This includes Ricks video which has received 100’s of views. I am sure Rick will testify to the potential of LEN.

So, regular contributors to healthy food recipes, fitness exercises, health comments, vegan and vegetarian, Yoga, alternative therapies and of course the plethora of spiritual ideas and concepts, for example, horoscopes, tarot, meditation. While I am on the subject of prediction, I am going to make one. I predict Rick Paul will be at the top of his profession in less than two years. And he will use LEN to his best advantage, and LEN will promote him every step of the way.

Anyone who uses this LizianEvents News platform to their advantage will probably receive higher promotional awareness than their site. Maybe your web designer will disagree, that’s their opinion, I know how many times people view this site, and I know exactly how many people view and I have a fair following of people interested in my work. I also know I will gain a ‘spike’ in my viewing figures from the link in this paragraph which will be more than my weekly total. There is no fooling my self, the traffic on LEN is more significant than my website which has been live for eight years. If your presence is on this site, you will receive coverage and be seen by a growing audience.

I have decided to use the LizianEvents News Sunday article for blanket announcements to reach The Community. Although, closed Community information will be sent out on Mailerlite. We use a verified and clean mail out platform, and there is no worry about spiders or other internet frauds. We will not send an email every day; the frequency will be twice monthly; and possibly an MP3 or video attachment will be added to make the message clearer.

Ok, that is all for now. Please share this article and check your junk mail. Do not ‘miss the boat’ for some very interesting and beneficial announcements in the coming weeks.

Thanks for coming along with us on this journey of success and evolution. And, if you think we are not making headway have a listen to the interviews in the audio file below.

See You Soon


  1. I definitely agrees with all of this my aim is to utilise now what I do to help as many people as I can, now to me all of the work in this field is all about teamwork, I can talk the hind leg of a donkey but technology evades me so being promoted to the extent that Ian and Liz do is an absolute thrill and a privilege, people on here community members ask yourself how are you going to become known, how do you draw awareness to what you fabulous people do, this forum that Ian offers is like a having a limousine with a driver his knowledge will drive the vehicle to where it is meant to go you give the destination and Ian will take you to it, do you want to go along for the ride, I know I do. Blessings I hope you all realise what a journey we are on you are being offered the opportunity to get in on the ground floor this is going to soar. Thank you doesn’t seem enough but it is what I offer. Proud to be a community member.

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