Why Become a LizianEvents Community Member?

This article is written from a series of questions asked by potential Community Members. We are attracting the interest from new and varied businesses, individuals and specialists. Their fields vary from health experts and professionals to fitness training and products, to yoga and meditation. Liz and I are sifting through the suggestions and propositions to present a balanced and exciting visitor experience to the Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

Q. Does an individual lose their identity within a Community?
A. The answer is ‘No’. When active and influential individuals gather together; the combination becomes an unassailable force. In fact, this is the potency of Community. It does not matter if you represent a PLC or are a sole trader, everyone is advantaged by a large group of people working in unison. An advantage for the PLC or more substantial business is that they demonstrate their connection to grass root ideas. Visitors see that the corporate institution is human and accessible, this is the power of Community.

Q. Surely, a large business or a PLC would not want to be associated with spiritual ideas?
I do not feel this is true. National Charities: for example The Woodland Trust, do not see this a disadvantage. Remember, a large company’s strength is in its people. And people have many differing opinions, views and beliefs. A LizianEvents Well Being Show is focused on attracting a diverse and wide-ranging spectrum of Visitors. The purpose is for people to visit the shows for enjoyment, interaction, talks and seminars, and to see what is available on two levels 1) Well Being – Body and 2) Well Being – Spirit. If someone comes to look at Vegan or Vegetarian products, it does not mean she will have no interest in Yoga, Reflexology or Reiki. There may be a Visitor who loves to enjoy a ‘reading’; this does not mean she will not have an interest in health supplements or mediation. A human’s wellbeing is not created from a single thought or experience; well-being is holistic and complex. The Well Being Shows offer products, services, options, ideas, propositions and different ways to view one’s environment. The more diverse and wide-ranging The Community, the more reasons for a Visitor to attend The Show.

Q. Is the idea working?
A. We envisaged; individuals, large and small business would choose the events because of the benefits a Community-based platform holds. We spoke to potential members, those who offered resistance to the idea of being part of a Community-based events organisation were guided to approach the idea from a different perspective. They are guided to consider certain facts; all members keep their independence, there is transparency, all are treated equally. Yes, the ideas work and are becoming seen as a bedrock and beneficial aspect of the organisation.

Q. Can you expand further on your interpretation of Community?
A. The word Community suggests a group of people coming together to find security in numbers. I associate the word with working within a social beehive. Everyone has the space to follow their specific identity, and at shows, they congregate to succeed in their endeavours. It is a deceptively simple idea. In April of 2017, the seeds were set to take the concept from plan to reality.

Q. What are your objectives?
A. As organisers of Well Being Shows, our objective is to bring positive and forward thinking people into a show arena which will attract many Visitors. The driving forces are connection, providing information, accessibility and openness. Today, all businesses need to be seen as connected, interactive and real. The LizianEvents format does not diminish a Community Members status, far from it, the status of each Community Member enriches the Visitors perspective of everyone who compliments the Shows.

Q. What are your long-term objectives. Can you sustain your growth?

A. We are building a new ‘style’ of show, which is titled Well Being. The Visitor base is different from the tired and outdated Mind Body Spirit events. These are stale and (to my mind have dwindling appeal to Visitors). Another requirement is to demonstrate dedication to fulfilling objectives. There is need to be innovators and push communication boundaries to connect as many people as possible.

Q. How do you promote the Shows?
A. LizianEvents acknowledges the requirement to find innovative ways of promoting the shows. We recognise linking Visitors and Community as a significant aspect of our business profile. Community Members must accept a proportionate responsibility for self-promotion. Yes, we benefit from significant organisations who promote their presence at the Shows. Although, as our media and internet presence grows the ‘reach’ becomes enviable even to large institutions. Do not dismiss the potential of 100 plus Community Members sharing information about THEIR shows. The outreach is incredible. I must repeat the first principle of being a Community Member: ‘Community Members must accept a proportionate responsibility for self-promotion’.

Q. Can you expand further?

A. Yes, I know anyone who is a regular contributor and sharer of LizianEvents information is bound to benefit from using the platforms. We are viewed by 5000 plus visitors per week at this time. A contributor will probably enjoy more cover than their website or social media traffic the motto ‘Use LEN and gain’ applies in this instance.

Q. What about competition?

A. There is none. We are: A Community Based Organisation. Its purpose is to build a massive platform of information for people to access, and the Shows are central to the objective. Visitors can come to the Shows on average every two months and meet The Community. The Community’s Shows are named Well Being Shows, and the objective is for Visitors at each show to discover ways of becoming a Well Being. This objective is the ethos, signature and identity of the Shows. Competition? Where is it? Yes; some people look at what we do, and cherry picks our ideas. For example, some are following our show guide format, layouts and design and best of luck to them. You see; our identity is seen in the plagiarism and therefore those who copy our design are advertising for us, it is a brilliant and beneficial side effect of intellectual theft. At this time no one has used the word ‘Community’ to do so will be a firm acknowledgement of our identity. By the way, we are not a family; this suggests a hierarchy and parental guidance. No, we are a Community of strong clear minded individuals working to a central purpose.

Q. Do you think you over inform or send out the message too often?
A. No, we are a new organisation. There is no mistaking where we are taking the Shows and The Community. The point is, you may have read the articles, however, thousands of people have not, and these are the people my work is aimed at this time. At some marker, the ethos will be universally recognised, and the objective will be attained. Then the real work begins, as more and more people look at our work and The Communities Achievement the visibility grows, LEN and the Shows will grow in stature. I watch the site analytics, and internet visitor figures improve week on week, The Community is gaining ground. I will know when to lower the temperature in the promotion oven, it will be when the submissions to LEN exceed one daily post, one publication week ahead. At this time the format of the front page will change, and we will move on to the next stage of our future. The redesigned front page is being tested and improved ready for this event.

Q. Have you a final message?
A. Individuals, large and small business who choose The Community’s Shows become part of a Community based platform. Whether a national charity, International Business or a sole trader all are valued equally. They benefit from the same degree of promotion and spotlighting. The message Liz and I give is this: By becoming part of the LizianEvents Community, members demonstrate to Visitors the strength of working together, and demonstrate they are connected, interactive and real. The objective is to connect Community Members and Visitors, to this end the common social media platforms are used to every advantage. LizianEvents News (LEN) is the only daily internet journal which covers the multifaceted aspects of Well Being. Use it and gain Visitor awareness of your services, products, therapies, skills, training, whatever you do, if it is directed in helping Visitors become a Well Being, LEN and The Well Being Shows are the places to utilise to your advantage. LEN is a platform for all Community Members and Visitors to enjoy. Those who have taken advantage of the site traffic can verify its ability to attract customers and interested parties to their work.

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  1. This must be read as a manifesto. The last paragraph is informative and spells out why this organisation is unique. Any business big or small must gain by attaching their brand to this ethos. I am beginning to realise this organisation is bound to become an influential and guiding light to the future of human Wellbeing and health. Incedible ideas, constructive long term marketing, clarity of purpose. Nothing to touch whats happening here. Janine Love.

  2. I can only add to potential members, be part of a community, share others stuff, that way more people see it that generates more footfall and everybody benefits so the question I put to you people reading What are you waiting for, best wishes from Rick.

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