Sunday – Community Post

Yes, three Community Posts in a week is more than usual. Although, necessary as we receive an increasing number of enquiries each week. Therefore, I feel it essential for potential Community Members to attain a firm grasp of our objectives.

A time will come when there is no doubting our intention to nurture the most exceptional Well Being hub in the U.K. – We will not limit our range nationally, the targets are indeed World Wide. And after eleven months the headway and recognition cannot be disputed.

No, we are not for everyone. Those who feel they must fly solo have many ‘real and live’ platforms available. Whoever becomes part of our Community will soon realise they do not book a weekend venue. LizianEvents promote The Community and the members of The Community who use the media platforms prosper.

This Sunday Community post and it will be concise, the message uses the platform to your advantage and prosper. Here is Jane Osbourne’s comment on a LEN article this week:

‘The site traffic works for me, my retreat at the end of March is fully booked.’

A prospective Community Member made this comment after looking through our media platforms:

‘Many thanks for your mail. It has taken some time to digest everything. I am very impressed with the community you have created and the way you promote your exhibitors. It is far more than just signing up to do a show, and I can see the lasting effects it could have on promoting a business. I am all for this as it all looks fabulous’.

Anyone who associates and contributes to LEN or chooses to become a Community Member makes a choice which can only be beneficial. The next Community Bulletin is a week away. Keep on coming back to LEN every day. Make comments and interact, enjoy the experience of sharing. And if you share on FaceBook remember – Like – Comment or eMoji – Share.

See You Soon

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