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I received an email asking about the safety of using the LEN Classified Advertisement facility. The answer to the questions raises other issues. The reader will gain a deep insight into the why’s and how’s of LEN and the reason for Classified Ad’s.

‘Ian, is it safe for me to advertise in your daily newspaper?’ Will the item sell? How do I pay for the advertisement? How do I communicate with my customer?’

Here are the answers:

  1. Advertising on LEN is a safe as you make it. You have a connect email which the potential customer uses. The choice is your own how you arrange the sale. And this is the way of ALL one – to – one private sale.
  2. The process of advertising is simple: Click the sell a product: follow the instructions and post the ad. It will only ‘work’ if you use it. Will it sell? The answer is you do not know until you try.
  3. No. We do not charge for the ad. I would like to write we never will. Although in truth, at the rate this platform is growing, we may have to employ full-time administrative staff. And the wages will have to be paid. Although for the foreseeable future the ad’s are free.
  4. The communication with the customer is by agreement. The guideline is: receive payment before you send the item. Or meet in person to complete the transaction.

At the moment LEN ad’s are not many. As more Visitors read the daily posts, they will look at the Ad’s page and see what is on offer. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. It simple and easy to list an item, with one caveat; make sure you have an image ready to use in your picture files.

The design and identity of ‘LizianEvents Shows’ are holistic. Everything we do is directed at promoting our purpose and ethos. The objective is when people use the two words Well Being; anyone associated with us will think ‘LizianEvents’. We are driven to provide Visitors with information about The Community and their Shows. Eventually, people will comment ‘I sold my item on LizianEvents News’ or ‘Try LEN, there is a massive readership, and the classified is safe and secure’.

Not only is LEN the only daily Well Being News, but we are also becoming recognised and read by Visitors World-Wide. So, using this platform will connect Community to Visitors. This is to everyone’s advantage. Remember, the objective of ‘The Well Being Shows’ is to connect Community to Visitors. This daily platform is key to external awareness. In fact, no one can catch us, as they would have to write and publish 350+ articles to be on the same level. Whoever attempts to emulate LEN can never win the race (unless we stop publishing articles every day) and this is to The Community’s advantage.

Liz and I have always known internal bulletins work well. I worked in a PLC which issued monthly newsletters. It was full of profit and loss and information on the best performing satellites. My perspective was the business missed an opportunity to highlight employees. Liz wrote an interesting article about the way two Knights of the Realm, both Chairpersons of multi-million-pound businesses worked. As long-term PA to these peers of industry, she has the intimate knowledge of their methodology. I asked her what the one trait they all have is? ‘Forget what you see on the television: They share information and keep their line of command informed of their intention. They are the figureheads of the brand or identity of the business’.

From my own experience:
I learned a great deal about identity and the importance of holding onto the brand. You see, the brand and the integrity is more important than the people who run the business. Everything we do is directed at evidencing the brand and the foundational ethos.

So, the reason we have the facility for Visitors and Community to sell items on LEN. Is for it to become an asset which will bring people to LEN. And inevitably they will find out more about our work and endeavours. Yes, it may only be used by a few people for the moment, as time passes, LEN Classified will become a great place to sell products and services.

Remember: Visitors and Community can use this facility, nothing to lose – everything to gain.

See You Soon



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