Peter Wall’s Hypnotist Practitioner Course

Peter Wall is one of the Country’s leading hypnotists. His career has spanned more than twenty years. During this time he has worked with thousands of clinical clients. Peter’s interest in Past Life Regression began soon after he qualified. He perfected a safe and unique technique for use with Past Life Regression clients. Within a year he was on the way to becoming the leading expert in PLR in this country.

Peter has kept meticulous records of most of the PLR sessions. He took his experiences ‘on the road’ for some years; he enjoyed sell-out audiences who were fascinated with his recollections of PLR sessions. Peter finished the shows with a spectacular demonstration of PLR. He hypnotised everyone in the audience and took them through a PLR session. I witnessed three of the events, they were terrific, and all who attended would confirm this view. Peter has taken part in numerous television debates on the subject of life after death and past life regression. He is still the television and radio producers first call when an opinion on this subject is required.

As mentioned Peter has worked with thousands of clinical clients: This aspect of his work spans from habit breaking sessions to closing extremely complex long-term issues. Again, we must acknowledge his enviable reputation in this field.

Four years ago a hypnotic phenomenon we know as ‘HypnoBand’ literally took the World by a storm. The technique is an effective weight loss system. Peter enjoyed many successes with HypnoBand and although the system is now superseded by other methods: When the system became available Peter immediately saw the potential and turned it into personal success. We should acknowledge that even after fifteen years of practising traditional techniques, Peter was prepared to use a new system to benefit clients.

Mr Wall can evidence his ability to another fact: He has earned a living working as a full-time hypnotist for twenty years. There would be few who could meet this astounding record. And now Peter is taking another avenue in his illustrious career in hypnotherapy. He is training new students to follow in his footsteps.

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He has harnessed twenty years of practical work and has developed his Hypnotist Practitioner Course. Who could doubt the course will be fascinating and a life-changing experience? Imagine being taught by an expert who has encountered almost every situation imaginable in a clinical hypnosis practice. Peter will demonstrate the techniques used to grow a successful hypnosis business. This course is well thought through, builds in stages, and is certificated by an Internationally recognised institution.

If you are seeking a new career or wish to supplement an income: If you feel you can commit to working through each training module carefully: If you wish to benefit the way you work through life’s hurdles. Contact Peter and talk about how the course and your future.

John Richardson is also a highly respected hypnotist. He has worked in many countries of the World with his profession. I asked him if he would write a testimonial about Peter. He wrote:

‘I could write a hundred words about my admiration for Peter Wall. I choose not to do so, these few words are all anyone needs: ‘Peter Wall has many years of experience in all areas of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy: As a teacher, I would recommend him above all others’
John Richardson

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  1. I have had the fortune to meet Peter and he is a very engaging man, I myself have done the taster day that he offers and hope at some stage in the future to be able to further myself in this direction.

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