Recordings and Downloads – Did You Know?

Community Members and Visitors have access to an MP3 Download facility which works for them every day of the year. We all know the importance of connections. And there are two methods Visitors prefer over reading the written word. One is video and the second is audio.

Is this accurate?

With the apps available on your phone you can easily record a message which can be sent to family and friends. ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Love You’ are simple phrases which can turn a day around. And we know the time taken to make a recording and sent it to the recipient, gives the message added meaning. This facility is becoming an alternative to sending texts. In fact, we can record a memo on our phone and email it within seconds to anyone with an email address.

A casual web search confirms audio and video are preferred to the written word for short messages and information. Now, this does not mean LEN is about to become an audio and video news station. Although it is certain we will integrate audio and video into LEN to a higher degree over the coming weeks.

Let’s build an archive

I record interviews at the shows and the interviews are added to relevant News articles. We have added a new media connection on LEN which is an archive of information. Visitors and Community Members can use it to their advantage. I am also working on an idea which means the Saturday LEN article is an audio synopsis of the week’s articles. This will be to the advantage of people with sight problems. For this to work well I will have to be at least ten days ahead with scheduled essays, and while I am close, there is a little way to go; be assured in the fullness of time this will become a reality.

There are times when we wish to put out a message which people can keep and review at a later date. Or there could be a situation when an audio article needs to be sent over to a friend. The audio platform now integrated to LEN will cover these situations, click the link and at the page download the MP3. The platform is safe and secure and lightning fast. You will be asked for your email address, and this is where the file is sent. Simple, quick and easy.

And it is FREE

Try it the link is live in the sidebar. The Bright Flowers link to the free Interview Downloads. One of our most important goals is connecting Community members to Visitors and this new facility is another useful way of achieving this objective.

Try the facility

Community Members will be interviewed during shows and their messages become archives of information. I am pushing our media presence every day. It should be clear to regular readers the growth of LEN and the connectivity between Community and Visitors is growing, The next show is in Nottingham and in June the first Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Both these events will benefit from audio and video promotions.

The lesson learned here is this: We will grow and become secure through sharing and using the assets here on LEN and the connections on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember the magic formula – Like – Comment or eMoji – Share. The more people become aware of LizianEvents Well Being Shows. The more success Community Members will enjoy. The Visitor can expect to experience show which offers ideas to become a Well Being. MP3 downloads are a further asset to help everyone share the news.

Alice asks a question it is: ‘What’s going to work?’ she waits for a minute and repeats the statement ‘What’s going to work?- (big pause) and then she shouts ‘TeamWork – That’s what’s going to work’.

We agree with Alice although I’ll change one word:

‘What’s going to work?- (big pause) ‘Community – That’s what’s going to work’. Care, share and succeed.

See You Soon and give the link a click.

Try The LINK


  1. I have now tried the download facility. It is easy to use, make the choice and click the picture. I am asked for my email delivery address. And a minute later the file is recieved in the inbox. Open the file and enjoy the ideas. Thanks LizianEvents, I think this is a good addition to the catalogue of promotional tools you have – Janine

  2. Gosh! LIZIAN is indeed a gold mine of excellent up-to-date ideas for the Well Being of our caring Lizian Community and our dear Visitors. One more way of using technology to promote our work and helping people. Brilliant! Thank you LizianEvents 🙂 xxx

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