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Liz and I ventured to The Epic Centre on Monday. We produced a short Promotional Video for the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. The video is produced for Community Members to assess the venue. Although, Visitors will find the information insightful.

We were playing with new equipment and this is a baseline production. Video production will increase over the next few weeks and Visitors will discover a shift away from LizianEvents information. The new focus of LEN articles will have two main areas: Community and ideas about becoming a Well Being.

As always I am seeking articles from Community Members and other sources. I do not have a problem with publishing articles anonymously although, the identity of the author must accompany the submission.

While on the subject of anonymity: For the moment the administrative choice is not to ‘approve’ comments before allowing them on posts. We trust people to make fair and open-minded comments. I can ‘mark as spam’ any demeaning and vulgar remarks. The honey-pot used for spam problems captures the I.P address of the sender. The software returns the IP address to an internet filter which files the I.P address as an internet spam identity. This will cause spammers difficulty in posting anywhere on the net. For this reason, I usually delete not ‘mark as spam’ obnoxious or anonymous comments.

See You Soon


  1. Well made video. Cannot remember an organiser dooing so much for their exhibitors (sorry community). It is impossible to imagine how you can fail with this formula. No one can touch what you are achieveing. Amazing coverage and information. Janine

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