Two Announcements

Sunday is the usual day for LizianEvents Announcements. However, we have a high level of interest in The Lincolnshire Well Being Show; and the question asked by many Potential Community Members and, last week, from a trusted Visitor requires clarification.



The question is: Do you charge for talks?

The answer is NO.

LizianEvents do not charge Community Members to take part in the talk schedule.

We do not charge Visitors to attend talks presented by Community Members.

Our opinion is: the talk schedule is one of the reasons Visitors attend the shows, and the entry fee is part of their contribution to venue hire and overheads. Community Members pay for stands, and we feel to charge extra to give a talk, is unreasonable. After all the talk attracts Visitors and promotes the Community Member.

And Workshops?

There is sometimes a charge for workshops. The Community Member sets the fee, and Lizianevents levy an admin charge per attendee. Our fee covers the separate room charge and its facilities. Remember, there is more to presenting a Workshop, than an insightful talk: The attendee can usually expect to receive documentation and other add-ons, hence the charge.

For Clarity:

The entry charge to our Well Being Shows includes access to the Talks.
Community Members are not charged to give talks.
There are some paid workshops, and we charge a fee to the presenter.

Second Announcement

Look at the top of the page. You will see we have added FREE LISTING’s to LizianEvents News and this is linked to LizianEvents website. The Listings should grow steadily over the next twelve months and will become a good database, for anyone involved in our field of endeavour.

The categories are relatively basic for the moment, and this will improve over the next week. If you have any suggestions, tap the keys on the ‘comments’ at the bottom of the page.

Example Listing Frame
Example Listing Frame

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