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Total Indulgence today. I have chosen to publish two paragraphs from my book ‘Never Let Anything Worry You’. It is a genuine best seller and downloadable on Kindle. The reader may consider I am abusing the privilege of being editor of LEN. I’ll take the risk.

Two Paragraphs from the chapter ‘Wealth’

With a surplus of money, we learn about wealth, without money we learn about poverty. Either earn it and learn to work with it. Or make it and squander it. The truth of wealth is as simple as those two facts, no other way around it. To understand how to use money is imperative to one’s happiness. I am happy to dissolve the sentiment, ‘Money will not buy you love’ I am pleased to write, it does, without bills, debts and scratching for pennies life is easier. Freedom from external worry leaves a family to enjoy and build their life of happiness. You will find a small percentage of wealthy people who are unhappy, they are rare, from my research most are without worry. You have to be comfortably wealthy to enter into the world of the rich, and you will discover, they educate their children, teach them the value of money, show their children how to manage it. They do not have a new television for the sake of it, the rich look after the possessions they have worked for. Seek the Rolex, Omega, BMW, Rolls-Royce lifestyle and consider you have to earn money to purchase these type of goods. The millionaire is rare, and just one percent of one percent of the population is rich. Truth to tell the chances of you earning half a million a year are anywhere from improbable to impossible. The rich save and then buy, they do not pay interest, the poor buy on credit, pay the interest and squander their life hours. There is no apology for this, no working around it; this is the truth of wealth.

The Saturation of Wealth – Once a man designs his objective, he will work diligently until the target comes to its conclusion. While he is working toward the goal, he has a purpose. During most lifetimes people earn tens of thousands of pounds or dollars. And at the end of life little remains in comparison to the amount which has passed through their purses or pockets. Even a small wage proves the point: Ten thousand a year over forty years is 400,000. Where did the money go? Into the pockets of those who understand how money works. Believe me; money is not functioning for you on a credit card bill. If the objective is to own a home, it is easily achieved. All is perspective, if you want to own a nice car, take three holidays a year and live in rented accommodation do it. If you choose to live like a church mouse: save for the deposit for the mortgage and work twenty-five years to pay thousands of dollars in interest to own the house do it. If you choose to live like a church mouse for the deposit on a smaller home below your budget, you will settle the mortgage earlier: and tens of thousands of dollars by living mean and with a purpose. All is your choice, do as you wish. However: consider the word ‘saturation’ – once you secure the home, accumulate a safety net of savings, life becomes easy. The way to accomplish early home ownership is described at the end of the essay ‘Todays Actions.’

Achieve this, and you are in the ‘Saturation of Wealth.’ Understanding this concept helps with confidence and self-worth. Before the full explanation is revealed, reflect upon the next paragraph. Understand there is nothing you can do to change the situation. Although the clear understanding of the ‘system’ free’s an intelligent man from it.

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  1. Looking forward to the paperback edition. After I bought the kindle edition ages ago not realising. I dont own a kindle 🙄

  2. Read the book – Can be harsh on spiritual people like me – but I enjojed the read – Janine

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