Mansfield Mind – Body Spirit Show

7 – 8 April
John Fretwell Centre
Sookholm Rd
NG19 8LL

Eric Henderson has promoted and organised this show for many years. Indeed this will be his forty-fifth event. Liz and I have exhibited with Eric for over seven years and have benefitted from a profitable show every time we have attended.

It is a venue which is simple to find, spacious and with ample parking. On entering the building, you go through reception and turn left as you walk along the corridor the two large talk rooms are on your right. At the end of the walkway, you’ll find the food ordering area to the right, and the entrance to exhibition area is on the left.

The first point of note is the room is draped and subtly lite, and there is a beautiful ambience which is the result of the room, the light and of course the exhibitors. There are of course readers, retailers and therapists. More than enough for any visitor to enjoy a decent day of mind, body and spirit pleasure. And for those who love the diverse talk schedule, it would be easy to experience a whole weekend at the show.

Some readers of LEN may wonder why I am writing about the Mansfield Show. The answer is threefold; one is already covered! It is a great event. Next, there are Community Members attending the show: and it is essential for them to have the best promotion to help them succeed. And number one is I’d like to mention Eric Henderson, the organiser.

I would like to recount a story, and there will be those of you who will understand the relevance of this anecdote. Last month Peter Thorpe of Aurora Crystals and Art contacted us to say Debbie did not feel up to travelling the long distance to Lincoln. Debbie has had surgery on her spine and sitting in a car for extended periods, has a price to pay, so she decided not to travel.

Eric demonstrating a technique with Peter

This left a vacancy for a Crystal stand at Lincoln, and it is accurate to write, the stall has excellent potential. So, we needed a replacement for Debbie and Peter, this would be a tall order, as anyone who knows’s them must accept they aspire to the highest of the standard. Liz phoned Eric and asked him if he’d be interested in the opportunity. He answered ‘I would jump at it like a shot Lizzy. However, I’m booked for another show, and I have agreed to a talk. I am not prepared to let the organiser down. You know what it is like, so I’ll have to turn down your offer regretfully.’

The magnificence of Eric’s reply cannot be underestimated. He was not prepared to let the organiser down under any circumstances. Now, I am not, repeat not, inferring the other show would not be as profitable than the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. I intend to demonstrate Eric Henderson’s integrity and business acumen. He did not give a second thought to his reply; he was not prepared to compromise his ethics. From my perspective, this anecdote is a reason to visit the Mansfield Mind Body Spirit Show this coming weekend.

How so? I believe our actions flow through our intentions. Yes, we will make hard, and to some people, unfair choices. However, it is essential to see a bigger picture when looking at the way we see another person. To my mind, one action can evidence the integrity of an individual. It is also important to consider; this works both ways. A cruel or mean act can be very much the whole of another’s modus operandi.

So, I recommend visiting Eric’s well established and exciting show. I will be there on Sunday giving a talk on Journalling and Lizzy will be selling crystals and minerals all weekend. She only exhibits at Eric’s show, and it is one of her favourite weekends of the year.

Now to the list of Community Members attending; In no order, they are all equal.

Julie Elizabeth
Barrie John
Sandi Joy Pinkney
Elaine Chadbourne
Kirstie Wood
Katt Lawrence
Emma Goshall
John Richardson
Steven Blake
Chandu Solanki
Rose Best
Liz Clark

I’m sure there are a few who have been missed out, and I apologise for missing you off the list.

See You There



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