If You’re Not – You Should

Hey, you write some words. Think about your work. Consider your future. Your mind spins around and around. All you want to be is independent and free to do as you like. You consider the potential of working for yourself. So, out come the books, the internet is searched. Hours and hour of dedication and preparation.

Soon the idea takes hold and begins to make headway. Inevitably new people come into your life, new lessons and ideas enter the picture like beautiful sunrises. The potential is there, and now more significant steps are taken. You enroll in courses and gain qualifications. The investments in time and money are stacking up, and the purpose is the future.

No running away from the fact the time and effort must soon be put into practice. Where do you begin? Suddenly, the realisation is, setting up the venture is an expensive proposition. How could the essential facet be ignored? It is easy; most people do forget the marketing of the investment and making the venture work is often more difficult than training.

For many, the hours of effort are placed in a memory, and the door is silently closed. However, the mind does not forget, and there is a gentle reminder with a whisper of a word, a word of horror, it holds so much danger, so many connotations, millions of cures and words are written about this nemesis titled ‘Failure.’

I met a man who told me he’d spent thousands on alternative healing training. He expressed regret he’d never put it into practice. When I suggested he should come an try his work at the shows, he said ‘I haven’t the time.’ Of course: the training was for his benefit, the finding of an answer to his multitude of questions. ‘How, why, when – did my life begin to slip?’ If only he’d realised helping others or attempting to help others is key to inner happiness.

There are thousands of ways to help another, and there are many ways to improve one’s self. Some call it healing, other therapy, some learn about diet and nutrition, others expertise range from essential oils to physical fitness. All are disciplines of wellness and teaching or demonstrating to others how to become Well Beings.

Sometimes it is necessary to take action, and the action which should be considered is ‘Awareness.’ Fact is, people have to know who you are and what you can offer them. No excuses, choose to use the skills and wisdom, and the skills and wisdom held within the memory wil becoem your future.

Once the potentials are unleashed, the fear, the fear of failure diminishes. The seeds of success have been sown. Never forget, action is the way of opportunity and fulfilment of objectives. I do not care how many times you wish for success, how many times you talk to the Universe or cast magic spells. Success is discovered in interaction and sharing and revealing who you are and what services you offer. People must know about you, and you have to have conduits of connections. Like the wires in your home conducting electricity to where it is needed. Same as the vast network of roads transporting goods and people to their destination. Connection and visibility is the way to achieve the power of success.

Consider what you have promised yourself. Maybe working a part-time job with the objective of making it a full-time provider of freedom. Is it possible the desire is to help people with their difficulties? Whatever the choice remember the word connectivity; You have to be connected. And, connecting is both difficult and expensive. Unless you interact with like-minded people. This is the way, the best and most potent means of achieving visibility.

Never be frightened of becoming part of a group of like-minded free thinkers. Remember though; you have to interact if only once a week. Share a thought, say congratulations, offer a seed of hope, a kindness, a gift. And then real magic happens, the views and the generosity is reciprocal. This is the way of finding a foothold for your new beginnings.

Everything LizianEvents does has within it an ethos. We desire The Community to succeed. There is no hidden agenda; we cover our costs, pay our wages. The real reward is watching this brilliant platform develop. As everyone now knows: LEN and The Well Being Shows are where ways to become a Well Being are discovered. Thousands of people are viewing this site each month, and there is no reason to think the numbers will decline.

The visitor numbers are growing the first image (Top of Page) is one day’s viewing and the one below is seven hours after the reset at midnight.

Seven Hours Later
Seven Hours Later

How is this happening? The answer is The Community (who are the Shows) and Contributions are of great interest to visitors. And how can this help the promotion of your business or the services you provide? Well, why not list your business, therapy or services in the Free Listings at the top of the page? And it is certain the Visitors will look through the listings.

The listing takes less than ten minutes and you are there for free. Is there a catch? Of course, there is we benefit from you being part of the listings and The Community, and we ask you to share a little of your kindness by sharing ours.

If you are not in the listings: Ask why not? You have everything to gain, and nothing lose. Well, apart from five minutes of your time.

See You Soon


  1. The community classified and directory are a great way to advertise, I didn’t need asking twice. If we all like or share or repost, then this promotes us all like a Mexican wave. This Mexican wave will bring customers. It might not be straight away but the seed has been set. I received a call only this week from a customer from the Newark Show. Keep posting, sharing and liking, we will get there in the end.

    • Thank You for your comment and accurate observation. I feel we are near the ‘tipping point’ and this is when we’ll really make headway. Those who interact with The Community support The Community! Make no mistake, the statistics are growing and the awareness of our achievements is spreading. Well done to all who care about the success of The Community.

  2. I have written many a word about the benefits of sharing and being a community member and just for those few who might have missed this my thoughts are if we share a post or a business or a reader or a therapists post we generate interest and spark a curiosity, this in turn helps generate footfall and the client who had maybe turned up for one thing maybe tempted to have that treatment or that reading or whatever else. There are NO rivals in this business the community helps by bringing potential customers/footfall to the show and we all as a group benefit. In closing share those post’s write that article engage, go on you know you know you want to. Bright blessings from the man in the waistcoat.

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