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Today is a short update on the progress of Nottingham – Trowell.

There is space for two Community Members at this show. We have many requests to attend although, as you know, our policy is for a healthy blend of Community Members to attract Visitors. So for the moment, we’ll accept twenty-nine Community Members will be attending. Anyone who feels they have something different to offer our Visitors can contact Liz. Table cost? £70-00 for the weekend.

The talk schedule is awaiting one confirmation, and when confirmed we’ll put up the amended Community List and Full talk schedule. Everyone can be confident the show will be its usual success and great fun for every Visitors. Our Nottingham show seems to have a ‘cult’ following: it is a good indicator that it is mentioned many times by customers at The LizianShop.

We enjoy providing insights into our plans, and we confirm there is no intention of moving Nottingham Trowell to a larger venue. Yes, there would be no difficulty in getting more Community members to attend a larger show. The problem is a more substantial venue means higher costs, so we’d go from 70 to 160 per retail table in a jot. Let’s consider the figures: Print the flyers, take thirty days of promotion around the surrounding areas, wages and running cost overheads, the profit margin may not warrant the effort. So, we’ll stay with The Festival Hall and with the refurbishment coming next year the venue will continue to home the Nottingham Well Being Show for many years to come.

Allow me to return to a guiding principle to our work. When Liz and I discuss the shows with The Community, we ask about their needs. And in truth they are few, so long as there is excellent communication, transparency and a determination for the holistic success of The Community Members seem to be happy with the progress.

It is essential the Visitors enjoy an excellent mix of therapies, spiritual disciplines, and retail services. It is important to be brave and build a vast and varied range of Community Members at each show. To encourage variation, the booking system is by allocation. For example, we have twelve readers at the more significant events and a maximum of six at Nottingham. The retail, therapy and promotional stands also have allotted maximum numbers.

The idea demands us to be brave and look to the long-term. As the depth and breadth of Community Members grow, so will the diversity of our Visitors. Be clear in your mind, while we embellish the ideals of spiritual identity: we also consider the physical aspects of wellness is of equal importance. And this is why our trademark is Well Being Shows. The phrase ‘Celebrate Life – Become a Well Being’ some up every aspect of The Community’s endeavours. And we all know to become fit and active and healthy entails the requirement to exercise and sometimes push the limits.

The LizianEvents Well Being Shows are about people succeeding to discover wellness and inner peace. The Community understand this is the foundation of their shows. The way they run their business, the dedication to gain essential qualifications, and the determination to succeed is seen by the Visitors as examples of how they themselves can succeed. We will continue to intensify our identity; we will continue to promote The Community, we will make and take the choices to grow in strength and stature no matter how difficult the decisions.

The success of The Community continues to grow. An initial objective of becoming recognised as a significant organiser is now a reality. There are many more ideas to place in the mixing pot of uniqueness, and the future is a vast as our imaginations.

As organisers, we never forget the shows are The Community.

See You Soon


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