John Richardson’s – Lincolnshire Well Being Show Workshop

Lincolnshire Well Being Show 2 -3 June

The workshop list is growing for The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. There will be a good range to chose from Yoga to Hypnosis. Today’s article is about John Richardsons’s workshop. Everyone who meets John cannot forget his intelligence, wisdom, and humour. He is a popular and respected Community Member.


An Introduction to Hypnosis – certificated workshop

John’s workshops are always engaging, interactive and great fun.  John will cover all aspects of hypnosis: 

Self Hypnosis
Past Life Regression
Future Life Progression
Techniques to help in one’s day to day life

This workshop is created for anybody who has an interest in all things Hypnosis – Clinical Hypnotherapy; Stage Hypnosis to entertain; Holistic Hypnosis.  Participants will leave with a certificate of completion of the Basic Introduction to Hypnosis Workshop.

Listen to John talking about the workshop and his thoughts on combining hypnosis and spiritual ideas:


Contact: John’s → WEBSITE


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