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Detzi Simpson has notified us of the new dates for her successful ‘Peaceful Me’ Course. Here are the details:-

I am running a new ‘Peaceful Me’ relaxation, meditation & energy healing techniques courses of 6 weeks starting Thursday 17th May 2018 at Haywood Road Community Centre in Mapperley. One is at 6:40-7:40 pm, the other at 8-9pm. It is run by under my business name of The Peaceful Soul Nottingham.

The Peaceful Soul, Nottingham  presents:

‘Peaceful Me’ is a 6-week course of hour-long evenings that bring peace, calm, personal exploration and learning through guided meditations, discussions and hands-on healing, tools and techniques.

Due to the interest in the first and second course (both fully booked), I have been requested to run the course for those who wish to develop their relaxation, meditation and healing skills and continue their journey of personal development.

So what does the course entail?

We will relax and unwind by following beautiful guided meditations. We will also discuss and explore energy healing techniques. The course is great for those who suffer from stress, tension and a busy mind. It is perfect for those interested in alternative healing and those who wish to take charge of their own health and wellbeing.

We will look at our physical energy body alongside our actual physical being. Discussions will focus on energy and ‘the space in between’ and how we can use that to alter our physical experience in the session and in life more widely. We will connect with Earth energy and compare simple, silent, mindfulness breathing meditation with a movement meditation and meditation using visualisations of our physical and energy body.

We will explore what happens to us, our energy and our behaviour when we experience emotion. Discussions will focus on how we can ensure that we allow ourselves to experience and express emotions whilst returning to a state of balance.

Meditations will help us view and experience our own personal emotional energy body, receive and share pure positivity and love with the universal energy and journey inside the energy of our own smile.

We will explore the benefits of expressing and recording gratitude for all that we have and experience in our lives.

Meditations include grounding, expanding and contracting the energy field and using the air element to help release our fears and anxieties.

We will discuss chakras, touch on circles and sacred geometry, oneness and our sensitivity. We will begin to explore the benefits of the fire and water elements in healing and meditation and experiment with how meditation can truly allow us to access our own solutions to our own personal problems.

Detzi Simpson 07944 570 551

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