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Last week I had a fascinating conversation with Rose Best. She is a fantastic lady with an empowering life story. Rose’s article ‘Counselling Vs Tarot’ has been read over six-hundred times. The essay received many likes, and positive comments and I asked Rose if she’d write another for LEN.

At Eric’s Mansfield show we spoke about her writing another article and the possibility of a new addition to LEN. I am aware Rose is a busy lady and she would not make a commitment if she could not fulfil every aspect of our idea.

Rose has attained an Honours degree in Humanities and a list of professional counselling qualifications which cover many aspects of human difficulties and problems. Without a doubt, Rose possesses more than sufficient knowledge and experience to help people who have either emotional or life issues or problems.

During our conversation, an idea evolved: Would Rose be interested in providing answers and possible solutions to the difficulties of our readers? And I am delighted to write she has consented to give the idea a trial. I am sure this will become a favourite addition to LEN and a valuable asset for our readers.

Of course: we do not want to overburden Rose with a whole page of questions and answers. So initially she will answer one question every two weeks. If she feels that she could answer more from the list, it is possible the number will increase.

It is most important to understand that Rose’s answers will not be long or in-depth. And in fairness, there is no possibility of entering into long dialogues or exchanges with her replies. There is the option to arrange a private consultation if those who pose the question feel they would benefit from taking Rose’s advice further.

The questions should be focused on emotional, family and spiritual problems. For legal reasons there is no possibility of replying to questions about health or illness.

You can be assured of absolute anonymity, and Rose will be the only one who works with the questions. Rose will choose the questions she answers. 

Questions should be sent to

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