Never Worry About Criticism: Part Two

Following on from yesterdays post here are three of the observations and opinions of those who read the original article on my WordPress site. If there is the evidence needed to see how a strong community bind together seek no further.


One word brilliant, food for thought and as you point out people’s criticism has no place; I am working towards that level of enlightenment. I am genuine I help as many as I can, and the thought is if you don’t like what’s going on the move along and don’t try to spoil things for those that do want to bring upliftment to others. Ignorance often plays a part in the critics reasoning.  It is lack of knowledge: And the appropriate research will show him up quite quickly: Working as a medium, I have NEVER made an inference that I talk to the dead. I work with the energy of the people I connect with and with the vibrations that can be scientifically proven that surrounds us all. 

My connection with the energies is very personal. And I don’t know how I do it but I know that it works, it is always lovely to see the upliftment the energies provide. My suggestion to the critic would sit quietly observe in an unbiased manner; you never know you might learn something new that doesn’t fit into your conventional way of thinking. If your happy being you, then don’t change but if you aren’t getting the results in life, you want then maybe it’s time to seek out those that you ridicule or have a little bit more understanding of what you have judged by what you have only seen in a snapshot. The alternative is if you don’t like what you see move along, your opinion is not needed or wanted. Thank you and blessings to you all.

Cat Marrone

Brilliant analogy: It’s very true we can argue with ourselves about our beliefs and support. There will always be critics both good and bad. Depending on your outlook: not that much will change no matter how much we complain or what we suggest. I believe whatever we wish to believe or follow, use or not use, eat or not eat etc., is a personal choice.  As long as the choice is OUR way and within ethical reasoning and morals, and if we don’t disturb anyone else, the decision will make us happy; and when it gives us peace and helps our daily lives then it’s ok. 

And yes, it’s always good to question ourselves, push our boundaries now and then, research and question our lives. And if the questioning takes us on a new path of discovery then even better! Evolution it HAS to be.

I think we have all at one time, or another said something without thinking. The: maybe I was wrong, perhaps I judged wrongly, or perhaps I need to research and check my facts before commenting. Although, I usually find when someone IS a charlatan they are found soon discovered, so no need to say anything let Karma take its course it usually does. Karma is a good friend!

Emma Gowshall 

I don’t give them airtime; my opinion is that we are giving them energy just by talking about them. They want to know that we care and that they can affect us with their judgements as such. Each person, of course, is allowed their opinion, I often struggle when on social media a person might request the number of a good medium etc. and everyone and their brother decides to chip in about charlatans etc. but you do not get the same response if someone asks for a vicar or priest. One day the world will change, but for now, I smile and wave and think poor sod! If only he could open his eyes and see.

See You Soon

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  1. This, and yesterday’s essay breaks down the idea of criticism. It takes me away from the traditional arguments, into the long term dangers of being a critical individual. It explains why the ‘know-all’ can be a ‘know no-one’ – Brilliant essay and the Sunday reply sums up the feelings of many people. Janine

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