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We are delighted to introduce Janet Stafford into the Community. Her services and product are unique and a welcome addition to the shows. One of our primary objectives is to provide Visitors with an exceptional range of products, services, therapies, talks and workshops, the greater the choice: the higher the Visitor numbers.

My name is Janet I am the owner of Jahesta.com. We specialise in designing, creating and publishing information charts on a wide variety of subjects. At the moment we cover:- 

Healing herbs, crystals, aromatherapy, alternative therapies and chakras, amongst others we also publish an essentials selection that will eventually cover all the above and provide anyone new to these areas an introduction to it. As well as two or three posters suitable for retail outlets to educate their customers so that they can make a more informed choice.

My experience involves developing my mediumship abilities and I have been reading the Oracle / Tarot cards for over 30 years. I also have a deep interest in numerology and am passionate about healing especially within the mental health arena. I love crystals and am in the process of creating a database on my website that will eventually provide a library of information exclusively on crystals and their benefits and uses. At the same time, I am also extending my knowledge of aromatherapy techniques. I am strong in the belief that healing needs to occur within all the senses with the theory that a balanced body mind and spirit can definitely make you happier.

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